The Official MACn89blckstng Progress Thread

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  1. hurry up and get it done snap some pics so i can nominate you for fox of the month
  2. I know the 16" Pony wheels were just rollers, but I didn't like the way the silver wheels looked against the silver body. You hit the nail right on the head with those black wheels/polished lips. NICE!!!

    BTW...what kind of headlights are you using? Stock, smoked? Ultra clear?
  3. looks real nice Jesse. It's funny seeing your and Blakes car next to eachother because there like flip-flop paint(yours silver on bottom and black on top, and his the opposite)Is that seat in there the color your using?
  4. LOVE the result!!!! Your paint work is amazing
  5. Yea I fell in love with the wheels even more the minute I put them on the car. I bought those like two an a half years ago lol.

    I'm gonna run the ultra clears that are on my LX (which I may be selling) and put some stock with clear corners on that.

    Thats just a temporary seat so I don't fudge up my good seats while I work on the car. I have a really really nice set of 94-98 black leathers waiting to go in the car.

    Thanks man, there are some imperfections but what can ya do now? lol. Before my car I haven't been in a booth spraying the exterior of a car in final paint in about 3-4 years. lol I'm painting a 82 GT on monday, can't wait for that!
  6. I'm so jealous!!!!!! You weren't suppose to finish before i did.. I remember we started almost at the same time your almost done......I still have a way to go........ LOOK GREAT!!
  7. Hahah well I don't have a house and kids cause i'm sure that stuff gets in the way!
  8. Yeah tell me about it..... Well your thread motivates me to work on my stang.... Can't wait to see the final product....
  9. DITTO...

    Except it took me 5 days to read this whole thing! :eek:

    Jesse, looking good, can't wait to see the rest.

  10. I have the same black leather seats Jesse! Great choice...

    Do you have a good pair of tan leather ones from that year? I debate... well I will save that for some other time. :D
  11. No I don't, my buddy got a 95 GT auto vert green on tan that he got for 500 bucks. He did a black interior conversion and said I could use that seat (passengers) as a temp seat. The drivers was so torn up its not even funny. lol BTW anyone know of any 94-95 trans for sale? He's havin a hard time finding one for a trans swap.
  12. Yo dude! Get anything done over the weekend?

  13. I got the Hood latch and cable in and ttop moldings painted and installed on saturday. And yesterday I urethaned in the rear window. I was going to tint it before I installed it but decided to just have a professional do the rear window cause of the size and PITA factor. I can do the side windows but I tried the rear window years ago and it came out hideous. I'm at a slight standstill now cause of the weather stripping but as soon as I get that I can get that in and get the interior and seats in and start on door panel fab and then its driveable!
  14. So progress has slowed down a bit cause I'm waiting for parts. My door weatherstripping and headliner retainer strips are coming in on Monday. I got a hard top headliner from my buddy that had one laying around and got some black material from joann fabrics for 25 bucks and made my own ttop headliner tonight. I'm pretty happy with results! Oh yea I "shaved" the map light too lol

    As soon as the door weatherstripping comes in I will be able to put my quarter plastics in and get that stuff situated. Its getting close!!!!
  15. OH MY F GOD!!!
  16. It was a beautiful day for a ride yesterday, so I hopped into the stang and drove about 3 hrs north to check this car out in person. It's just as sweet in person as it is in the pics! Jesse definitely is doing everything right with this build. Can't wait to see it finished at Carlisle!
  17. Thanks for the kind words! Wish you saw it now, the interior is almost done, just need to install the kick panels, get scuff plates, and fab up the door panels! I think the car will be on the road in two or so weeks................really?

    Did this crap today, those bullit pedals are a pain in the arse! Also, its got power seats on both sides. The driving position is perfect for me, not too high, and these seats are sooo comfy!

  18. that is awesome you are almost there.what was the problem with the bullet style pedals i would love to install those on my car .i finished all my wiring inside my car i wired my car for the shaker 500 system and it sounds great.are you going to be at carlysle with this car i may go i would love to see this car in person.
  19. They are just a pain in the ass to wrap over the pedal. If you want to put them into your car you will have to put the SN style pedal bases and put them on your fox pedal assembly. And yea, Carlisle is my ultimate goal to get the car done by. I think its feasable. The only thing I'm weary on is the door panels, don't know if those are going to be done by then. But ya never know!