The Official MACn89blckstng Progress Thread

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  1. nice job on the head liner & the interior is looking nice.
  2. Thanks man, I need to get another headliner retainer strip for the drivers ttop opening then the headliner will be completely finished. I also got my dome light in and working. I was afraid with all my wiring that I did that the dome light would stop working but it ended up working out alright, had to pop a door ajar switch from my parts car cause the one was faulty for the drivers side. I'm in need of a drivers side 79-86 a pillar trim cause I only have the passengers side.
  3. dude if you can sew door panels are cake, took me about 30min to do the skins for mine, just relocate your handle and make the appropriate modifications to the door skin like so
  4. I wish my interior wasn't blue :(

    Yours is coming out awesome. I loved swapped dashs in fox's... Makes them look so much more modern. I wish i could swap the dash and still have my 5.0 and all stock wiring, but no way i could do that.
  5. That came our awesome dude :nice::nice:
  6. I did the exact same thing for my headliner, only I cleaned up and reused my original T-Top backing. Went to Jo-Ann and bought fabric, cut it to size, and put it all in on my own. I'm not sure what exactly you used, but did you see Jo-Ann actually carries automotive upholstery specifically for stuff like that?
  7. thanks man :nice:
  8. im pretty lucky that we have a automotive fabric wholesaler here where i live, ALL the fabric seen on my car cost me a total of $53 plus thread so i came out on top on that one
  9. Ha, yea that is nice!
  10. yeah i wasnt about to spend $400+ on ****in door panels
  11. Well, im grafting the center portion of an SN panel to the fox aluminum frame and then am going to fleece/glass and foam it together and then have someone wrap it with black vinyl.
  12. well if you got a hook up then thats one thing, but if its a solid color i say do it yourself
  13. I may or may not, I want it to wrap into the split that the SN's have so Im not sure if Im going to be able to do it myself. lol
  14. Did this jus now, I had a really hard time cutting a big ol hole in a carpet that came out of a wrecked 93 Cobra that was totalled in 94 with 13,000k on it. lol I like the way it looks. I need to run the power cable to a switch and then into the box so its a little haggard right now. Now onto the door panel fab...............
  15. Here's what I got so far, its FAR from done. Gonna be alot of head scratching on this one. I think its eventually going to be a two peice door panel so I can keep the seam through the middle of the door panel.

  16. i have an a pillar trim out of my 86 but its tan
  17. I have a red one that Im just going to dye black until I get my hybrid fox/sn a pillars done. PM me for info on the tan one!
  18. BUMP!!!! Want pics!!! lol
  19. I will try to get pics this weekend before I head to NY for a wedding this weekend. BUUUT I will be driving i think.
  20. I love this thread!