The Official MACn89blckstng Progress Thread

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  1. Oh crap, I forgot about that

    lol, I welded bolts in there. Turned the heat up real good and welded the whole head to the mount. I'm gonna be using ALOT of anti-seize on the nuts when I put the sway bar on so I don't have any rusty bolt issues down the road.
  2. Dude man, are you at that shop on 46 in Budd Lake? I thought you were over at the bottom of the mountain in Long Valley but I have seen your SHO a few times over on 46. I will have to stop in next time I see you there. I have been checking out that guys 82 GT since its been there...
  3. Yea, Im at Blue Sky Classic Cars now. Long Valley didn't want to pay me more that 11.50 an hour to do what I am doing now so I moved on. I'm much happier with where Im at now. Stop by anytime you want, you gotta see the 82 now. The drivetrain and everything is pretty much all done.

    Sooooo I got a little curious last night and started thinking about how Im gonna be running nitrous, its gonna be cool an all but off the bottle Im just gonna have another low 13 second car. So I started thinking about how hard its going to be to fabricate up a turbo kit. So now I'm bidding on a T3/T4 50 trim on ebay right now lol. We'll see how that goes.
  4. where did you get the timing cover and water pump bolts?
  5. Ok, so I spent four hours yesterday of work and 12 hours straight today finishing up the body work on the engine bay so I could FINALLY get it in primer for the winter. Im so happy with it. Although there are some pretty wavy parts that are real low and/or covered by stuff. Im at that point where I just want it smooth, not necessarily straight as an arrow. I just want to paint it already but Im going to wait to mock up the turbo set up so I know it doesn't interfere with the way the engine bay is. I'm also planning on doing a SN-95 dash swap into this car cause I love the way it looks. I'm buying a wrecked 98 GT for 400 bucks to part out and yank the interior out for my car. I hope my boss lets me store the car in our lot so I can part it out. Oh yea, I got my bosses permission to use the shop by myself. He's not thrilled about it but knows how much I want to finish this car!!! Anyways, here are the pics:

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  6. Looks great!!!!!!!!
  7. wow, that's really coming along now man, great progress!!
  8. +1
  9. Thanks for the compliments guys. It still needs some fine tuning and a good once over but at least its protected from the weather now. I gotta por 15 the outside of it so that stops rusting. I'm alos going to have to modify it for the turbo install and the dash swap (will be using the SN95 Column). I hope I can get this 98 GT so I can start on the dash install while I save for the turbo kit.
  10. NICE job its looking real good man!!!! :nice:

    I have to check back a page, but that lower rad support looks beefy
  11. Its only 2.5 inch exhaust tubing I had lying around. I was gonna do it in 1.5 thick wall but Im actually happier with the way it is now. The big tube is more proportionate to the rest of the rad support.
  12. shapin up nicely, like all the work your puttin into the small details, itll make it stand out for sure!!! I just put a set of the black Cobra R's in your pic on my 90 Coupe and really dig how they look, best lookin 4 lug Cobra R i could find. Good luck and keep us posted!!!
  13. Since you have done a great job on your engine bay why don't you smooth out the back area behind the struts, I will make it look even better.IMO.

    By the way I like the way you midified the lower radiator support...Great job on it:nice:

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  14. I thought about it, hell I may even do it when I do the dash swap since I will have to modify the firewall for the SN steering column. I just wanted to shoot some primer on the bay to get it sealed up for the winter so it doesn't rust up at all and this will show me where I may need to touch up some spots on it. I think my favorite part of the whole bay is the rad support lol even tho its going to be completely hiddin by everything. The intercooler piping should look cool running next to and around that thing. Oh yea, these are the wheels that are going on my car, not the black cobra r's:

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  15. My favorite section of my car is the whole engine bay specially the rear of it since it has to be nice due to my hood set up.
  16. So I got back to working on my car. I started the dash swap Yesterday and got some pretty good progress going. I think it's damn sexy but I will NEVER be doing this swap again unless Im getting paid to do it. I've had the dash in and out maybe ten or more times. I am using the SN heaterbox which helps out alot with the h vac all working. I need to locate the heater vents, radio bezel to complete my parts. I was originally going to use SN door panels but its a ton of work and I dont think its going to fit with the way I have the dash in place. I think the black fox door panels I have are gonna look fine for me. Plus that puts me THAT much farther away from driving this thing by the end of summer. The dash should be all done mounted in place tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to move onto installing the steering column into the car and welding in the firewall bushing. I am also using a powersteering rack from the wrecked 98 I bought. The connection is like a square versus the splined shaft for the Fox rack. I hope I will just be able to use fox tie rod ends. The rack itself is the same length as the fox. Anyways, Im tired. Here are two quick pics I took with it just lying in the car.


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  17. Lots of work so far and it all looks great. It will surely look great when finished and keep the information coming. Do you have any detail pics of what had to be trimmed / changed to fit that dash and console in?
  18. wow, that's gonna look damn good when you're done... stupid question but are you going to dye/paint the panels black? (of course you are :D)
  19. Awesome dude...really looking good.

    My only issue with an SN dash swap with fox door panels is the location of the inside door handles...behind the wrap-around part of the dash. I bet you can make the SN door panels work! I will help out if you need it man just give me a call/text
  20. No I didn't take any detailed pictures. I just traced the top part of the fox dash and put it up to the SN dash. It fits pretty well but I need the defroster cover to really see how it looks.

    And yes I am going to be dying the console and dash black unless I can find both for really cheap.

    And I WAS going to use the SN door panels but I dont think they are going to fit. I'm probably going to use the fox door panels I have and then try to get a set of grey or red door panels to try an fab up some after I get everything in. I just want the dash in for now, then I gotta start working on wiring and hiding everything. Im so sick of this project, I just want to drive the damn thing!!!