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  1. Thanks! I wasn't going to do the door panel thing but my friends (who have been alot of help on keepin me goin on the project) convinced me to just bite the bullet and do it. I got a set of white 7up door panels for 30 bucks off the bay to hack up and attach the SN section onto and then foam and fiberglass it to look pretty. That would be sick to get some of your work into my car. I HATE other people working on my cars because I dont trust them but after seeing your car I'd have to say you can work on my car any day!

    yea the 98 box fit perfectly, I actually get to shave the one hole in the firewall because the 98 box only uses one. The only thing Im going to have to do is "massage" the heater core tube a bit so the box fits all the way in place.

    I wasn't going to do it until I got a sick deal on a wrecked 98 GT that I got for 400 bucks. I sold the trans and some other stuff and already made my money back on it. :nice::nice::nice: I'm going to be going to the E-town swap meet to try and sell some more crap and fund this project. I'm hoping that I will be driving it by mid summer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for all the comments guys! We all know you guys are half the inspiration for keeping our cars coming out like they have been!!!
  2. I'll have to look for you there. When you get your location at the swap meet PM me and i'll stop by :)
  3. Sounds good to me man! Know anybody thats ever sold stuff there? I'm hoping its not gonna be a waste of three days!
  4. I am in process of doing the dash swap in my 93. i want to do the door panels too, but i know my skills at fiberglass, bondo, and sanding.... well i have none.

    View Gallery -

    this is the car i gathered my insiration from...

    i wish you luck!
  5. When i was building my car over the summer/fall, i was going to C&H in jackson every weekend. They go to the meets every spring/fall and always do well. Except this fall it rained and nobody did good.
  6. Also - How do you plan on wiring up the gauges to work????

    I may consider doing this some day.. I would leave the Fox door panels though. SVT32v left his fox door panels and it worked just fine for him.
  7. I also used his website for some tips and am doing my door panels the exact same way he did.

    I'm using a cluster from a 95 GT and from what I've heard, they wire up color to color from with the fox wiring. We'll see I guess. lol
  8. I'll be watching your project to see if this is true and the colors match up.. its something i'd do one day!!!! :nice:
  9. we will see. I'm hoping its not going to be too hard/complicated. I'm going to get the wiring diagrams for the 98 and the 89 and go from there. I'm going to be installing a push button start into the car as well. Its gonna be like the ones from the S2000's. I always loved it and once I used it to start the Ford GT I drove and started up a rumbly V8 with it I was hooked.
  10. Would you consider doing another set? I have Money! :D
  11. I would if I didn't have MY car to work on. lol The thing is that since the dash swap is custom fit to every car, my door panels would fit on my car but they may not fit on another. You would have to mock them up and attach them where you need them and then ship them to me to do the body work on them.
  12. if only we all were able to do this i dont think you would see many fox's with stock dash/console an door panels. one day i might be abel to try this but not anytime soon. id take the dash out an then get pissed because i wouldnt know where to start ha. lemme know when your workin on it id like to watch you work your magic, maybe ill learn a few things bout body work an whatnot. i have a pretty good digital cam i can take some detailed pics for your build up. OH, ......ill bring my car so you can do a lil on there for me haha.
  13. UPDATE:

    I finally finished the body work up on the engine bay and got it in prime. I also got my rad mocked up and welded in the mounts. Its a pretty solid set up and am happy with it. My buddy gave me the idea and I think it was a pretty damn good one. The engine bay should be painted in the next two weeks and the engine should be in about a month or so.

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  14. Nice Idea on the radiator.. Looking awesome...!!:nice:
  15. Thanks! I wasn't sure what to do but my buddy came up with the idea real quick. My grommets are actually the ends of valve stems that I cut off. The rad is really solid in there. I have my MSD 6AL-2 box coming in this week so I'm gonna mock that up before I paint it so thats ready to go. I can't wait to shoot some paint on this puppy! I also just ordered my drag springs so now I have all my front end components ready to go so once the bay is painted I can go ahead and install my QA1 k member and new control arms. I'm FINALLY seeing some really good progress going on this car. I did start the engine bay last April an all lol.
  16. After 8 LONG months of wondering how its going to look and countless hours of sanding and blocking and sweating and cursing ITS FINALLY PAINTED!!!!!! I'm in awe about it, I can't believe its painted and that its MINE!!! Here are about 50 pictures of the process. Enjoy!!!

    MSD 6AL-2 and MSD Blaster Coil Mocked up
    Wet sanded and all prepped up and ready to go as of 12:30 am last night.
    1 coat of DTM Epoxy Primer Sealer
    3 coats of Competition Orange for two tone break.
    Brought two tone to the back of the hood as well.
    Taped off and sprayed the silver for the bottom. 3 coats of Volkswagon Reflex Silver. One light coat of blue pearl coat was laid on it in hopes that at night it will have a blue hue.
    Paper removed and waiting to tape off to spray the black.
    Taped off bottom and sprayed 3 coats of modified Honda Nighthawk Black (substituted the violet pearl in the mix with more blue pearl)
    I did an experiment with regular black with a blue pearl coat over that on the valve covers but came out too dark bluish so I resprayed them.
    Tape removed and ready for clear!
    Three coats of Nason Selective Clear.

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  17. DSCN0926.jpg
    Looks black in some light.....
    Then it shines with blue pearl.

    Let me know what you guys think!

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  18. Like I said when I just talked to you...It's a work of art! This car is going to win Fox of the Year as soon as it's done!
  19. That would be nice. I hope to go to some shows and get something. I'm DYING to drive this thing. It aint perfect and the mods aren't the best out there but I'm just trying to make the best with what I've got.
  20. good Lord that is a gorgeous piece of machinery, awesome work man, i'm beyond impressed :drool: :drool: :drool: :nice: