The Official MACn89blckstng Progress Thread

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  1. Thanks man, I have so many hours between those frame rails. I think I'm goin to get a mini buffer so I can wet sand and buff out all the peel/dust thats in the clear. I can't wait to install my k member, new control arms, drag launch springs and rebuilt/repainted brakes. I'm trying to find a 94-95 GT Dash and engine harness so the wiring on the car will be easier. But I'm not sure if I'm going to find one. I got one set up for 275 but thats alot more than I was expecting. I dunno tho, I'm sure I'll figure it all out.
  2. Got a lil more done tonight after work and on my lunch break. I installed my c/c plates and rear drag springs during lunch and wet sanded and buffed some parts of that bay that were dusty and then istalled my MSD box into place. Last week I also installed my new wiper motor, 93 Cobra booster and firewall adjuster. I also modified the 98 Pedal assembly to work with the booster since the bolt pattern is different. I plan on installing my front end stuff this saturday and then the motor can go in!!!!!

    I take alot of the same picture, sorry. lol
  3. car looks rediculous. engine bay looks soo clean, an so much cooler then just a plain solid color. i cant wait to see it finished. i think it would be sick if it was done for myrtle this year. you can do it! lol. ill park far away from your car though..dont want everyone seeing my pos lol
  4. god damn i love this car :nice:
  5. hahah, like I just texted you, I have WAY too much time into this engine bay, hell, I could probably be driving the thing now if I didn't do the engine bay lol. It may possibly be done and painted by Myrtle Beach but I dunno. I want to have the motor broken in completely by then so I know everything is relaible and I have everything in good working order. I may even still skip and plan to go for 2010. It would be nice to enjoy the car down there for a week.

    Keep the comments coming guys! That's half the motivation for the project!!!
  6. Way to copy me!!!

    :D, looking badass Jesse! I really like the silver and black and think it will set the car off when you take it out. Just be prepared to spend every second around the car talking about it with people.

    I would agree, DONT rush and get it done for Myrtle Beach. I did that, and my car went down half finished and still to this day isn't done. Make it a point to do it slow and right.

    Also, I WISH I had done CC plates back when I painted it. I have to do them now, and sure enough the car will be white under the stockers!
  7. Well my split is a little lower than yours and my upper firewall is I've been meaning to look at your engine bay shots to give me an idea of what its going to look like. I'm running my wires behind the firewall and the brake lines along the k member so it should look nice and clean. I'm definatly not rushing this project cause I know too many people who rushed it and are kicking themselves in the ass. It's a strong possibility that its going to be done by late summer but I'm not gettin my hopes up.
  8. Yours definately has more time, effort, thought and skill into it than mine. I did mine as a last minute thing to make it stand out a little. My intentions are to redo it once again when I actually build a real motor.

    I like what you did with yours, and that will most likely be my next step!

    Keep the pics coming man! I might have to make a Jerzey trip this summer to meet up with some of you guys down there :D.
  9. Looks sick!!!!! Awesome Job!!!

    Question: how are you going to run the wires through the bay? i know you're going to hide them but where will they come out since you welded up all the holes?
  10. I will be at E town for shows and stuff. I'd love to do alot of cruising to shows on the east coast. Never been into that scene so I think it would be fun.

    As for the wires, they are going behind the firewall and coming out the inner fender area. The vacuum tree, map sensor, smog relays, starter solenoid are all going to be mounted behind the fenders. The hole in the lower firewall is for the harness that goes to the iac, injectors, water temp sensor, distributor, etc. I'm also going to cut and run the wires for the brake sensor and the wiper motor in the drivers side corner.
  11. Go from under the engine bay and come up. I did that with a few of mine.
  12. I may do that. Thanks man!!
  13. nice work jesse, i cant wait to see your car out, maybe this summer... keep up the good work!
  14. I just commented on Corral. Nice work, tons of time man......looking great!
  15. Took a quick shot of the engine and the valve covers and upper intake on, figured I'd post it on here
  16. NICEEE!!

    I need to find me one of them intakes :D
  17. 2 hot foxes

    Both of u guys did and unbelivable job!!!!!!!! both cars look friggan awesome!!!!, let me tell u i would be flattered that he copied your idea.......... i never thought i would ever like a 2 tone engine bay and (i love it!!!):nice:. Hey Mac me and 1990 coupe are jersey guys u can cruise wit us anytime u dont mind me speakin for u justin right :nice: we gotta meet up and cruise im only 15 minutes from E-Town i know the whole jersey sceen bigtime the best shows and cruise nights we gotta go E-town tuesday cruise nights free passes on 1/4 mile, tracks not groomed who gives a **** its free e-town turns into a big party on cruise nights, nothing like a line of clean ass foxes cruisin:D ...........Hey u conneticut area foxes gotta come down and cruise wit us at E-Town events what a site it will be FFTMFW!!
  18. Is the intake painted black and will it be staying that way? I'm not a fan of black intake manifold... I think you should two tone it :D. Or just paint it silver?

    Just my worthless $0.02.

    I'm down for Etown trips. 2.5 hours from me, but I enjoy racing.
  19. I don't mind you speaking for me. I'm totally down! I've met Brian, Pictures do his car no justice. I even saw it dirty and it was STILL amazingggg :drool:

    :nice: I'm gunna run the car this summer i think :hide:
  20. i think the intake would look better silver also. and im deff down fo cruising as im maybe 10 min away from macn89stang(jesse). mines not as clean as your cars but im still down. plus i still have to run my car on the bottle to see what times i get b4 the new motor!