The official wheel weight thread

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 99GrandTouring, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. Chrome or satin?
  2. Got a pic? I didnt know there was such a wheel....
  3. OEM 03 Cobra 17x9's: 25.5

  4. You forgot to put the 16s that came stock on 96-98 gt's on there. Anyone know what they weigh?
  5. I didn't know thier widths or I would have.
    + I don't know the sizes and widths of the v6 stangs, or the spare tire wheel size.
  6. Satin
  7. So your saying the OEM 03 Cobra's are: 25.5lbs
    and the 5 star 99+ gt wheels are : 17lbs

    That cant be right and has be be attributed to differences in weighting methods. I just dont see how there is a 8.5 lb difference. I've seen other places that the 5 star 99+ wheels are 22 lbs, and that sounds closer to the real weight to me. :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

    Edit: the reason I bring this up is b/c I decided to get he 03 Cobra's. From what I've heard it is 10lbs rotational = 100lbs dead weight. If there is a 8.5 lbs difference per wheel, then that would be 85lbs * 4 wheels = 340lbs in dead weight or 34 pounds in rotational weight.
  8. Thats why I started this thread, for once and all to know the weights of the wheels.....
    so if something is wrong, tell me, but don't just say the weight you think they are.
    WEIGH THEM!!!!:D :nice:
  9. does anyone have the OEM '03 cobra weighed against the AFS '03 cobra wheel?

    what weight difference is there?
    They guys at AFS claimed it was 26.1 but i'm not sure how accurate that is
  10. I wasnt stating a weight, but I'll weight my old rims as soon as I get the 03's.
  11. I know... Its cool I wasn't trying to flame...
    Now that I re-read that I guess it could've came across that way...
  12. I wanna know what the saleen wheels weigh?? 18X8.5!
  13. :cheers:
  15. Thought I'd kick this one back up...
    anyone have any new weights?
  16. 18X9 FR500's Satin - 26lbs. That is from the designer of the wheel. In another thread (not this board) it was reported that the 17x8 5stars are 22lbs.

  17. Chad

    could you feel a difference going from your old rims/tires to the new ones in terms of acceleration?

    BTW: I still want to know an exact number on the AFS '03 cobra's
  18. Oh yea, now I really get off the line, however most of that is probably from the Khumo's over the Gatorbacks rather than them being 18's/17's :).

  19. 18"x9" Chrome bullitt style rims : 29 pounds
  20. Chad

    so the car does feel slower right? I had an explorer with 16x7s and went with 17x9 cobra R's and i could definately notice a difference