The old Nigerian SCAM...with a twist

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  1. so i got the infamous email from a weathy person in Africa looking for someone to help her get out of her country and escape to america with her millions of dollars.

    well i have decided to play along and see just how far i can take these scumbags!

    i'll post up the email correspondence so everyone can have a good laugh. feel free to post up some good ideasto keep this going!
  2. the first email i got

  3. heres todays responses


  5. :rlaugh::lol:

    this is gonna be good!
  6. just tell them to mail you a small box of money and you will get them over here. tell them you hve an uncle thats into shipping and he frequents africa and can bring you back, but first you are gonna need $30,000 in us $100 bills in a small box shipped to you.
  7. LOL

    this is gonnna be epic :D

    ask for boob pics.
  8. I'm a very lonely man, if only someone were to send me revealing pictures - it would cheer me up greatly and encourage me to visit the bank.
  9. you know what would be funny, if this was true, and soon enough, we find out, this kid does actually gets killed, and makes global news. haha, wow, im going to hell.
  10. if it is true i'm getting $1,400,000.

    i'll but everyone in this thread a KB!
  11. :eek: cant turn back now, you already said it, and it's most likely going in my sig. as evidence.
  12. He just said KB, inbefore we all get kibbles & Bits in the mail
  13. lies.....LIES!....
  14. :lol: if it does happen I WILL BUY EVERYONE A KENNE BELL!!
  15. in for the KB or the kibbles in bits for my dogs...
  16. ....sticker
  17. :banana: KB :banana: KB :banana:

    and there first poster gets 2 :stick:
  18. Deaf mute:rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    And you drive a Honda Civic:D with dubz yo!!!!
  19. the .0000000000000000000001% chance you get rich.....I wouldnt mind a KB :)

    Should be pretty entertaining though! "Im a Mute" AHAHAHAHA.
  20. 2.6 upgrade plz, thx :banana: