The old Nigerian SCAM...with a twist

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  1. ^^^i do remember that, it was a few years ago though

    edit: found it. its a really long read...but if you have time for it, its f***in hilarious. especially the pictures of the "powerbook"
  2. I had some lady stuck in africa saying she was model and her manager left her there with no money for food and the hotel she was in. She want some money to get her back to the states and even had some pics too lol.
  3. Tell her that you need some pictors to show she is legit about this whole situation.

    I'll take my KB at Mustang Week...:D
  4. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet another kenne bell. do you know how fast my car would be with 2 of them bad boys one on top of the other.
  5. ill take my KB aswell.

    If i were you id goto a bank and make a checking acct, Open it with 5 bucks in it.
  6. I love these scams:rlaugh: Ive messed around with a few of these scammers, its funny.

    Oh for the KB:nice:
  7. heres the latest. lets see if they catch on

  8. LOL :rlaugh: bruce wayne :rlaugh:
  9. Does that bank exist?
  10. Funny read......:rlaugh:

    Edit: I'll take a KB Mammoth 2.8. kthxbai
  11. maybe....who knows?
  12. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! :lol: :rlaugh::lol::rlaugh: :lol:

    Man I cant stop laughing...that was freegin great!!!!!! All I can say is :owned:
  13. lmfao, Ben, that was prolly the greatest reply ever. I am really curious to see how he responds.
  14. damn, no response this morning.

    maybe they have heard of Batman before!!
  15. NO!!!! Don't give up hope! Hehe. They are just too excited to reply back yet!

    At least I hope so! I have everything removed from the top part of my motor to put the KB on :(
  16. I would like to officially participate in this thread for obvious reasons :D
  17. Posted via Mobile DeviceGot a reply. they want to meet me. i'll post up the email tonight when i get home from work