Build Thread The Ole 331 Turbo P I T A, Boring, Dusty Build

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  1. I can never read that schematic..The Transistor wiring diagram always makes zero sense to me.

    If I use my ac control switch as a "trigger" ( the one that turns on the compressor) why can't I just add a relay to power the fan from that same circuit? Isn't there some output condition on the MS II that I can set to turn on the FIDLE valve at some point through the existing build before I go opening this thing up again and creating another hideous mess of my "at one time" pretty circuit board?
  2. a91what has done it again. He is always right when it comes to this. IMG_20170808_183358025.jpg IMG_20170808_183413346.jpg

    The schematic in my service manual was wrong. The AC pnk/ Lt blu signal wire runs to pin 10 on 89- 90 v8 mustangs. Pin 54 org/ Lt blu should have 0v koeo and koer w/AC on at idle should be b+. My MS supplies ground when ac is cut turn activating ac WOT cut.
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  3. You can do it that way for the fan wiring no problem. Only question is the wot relay..... don't want the compressor on when boiling the rear tires....
    The circuit is "simple" and I can walk you through it like the last one, or perhaps draw a easier to read diagram....
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  4. :Dit's the only thing I'm good at.

    Now we need to figure out what settings/jumper configuration we have wrong.
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  5. Cartoon form with micky and goofy pointing out the circuits
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  6. thread name.:nice:
  7. It only took me a couple years to figure out how to change it.
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  8. Here's a promised....


    Dang private flat spot around here. No one will get together to help strip and pave the road. Smh
    No Data log yet...its coming...:nice: :banana::banana::banana::flag:
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  9. Well, I'm in Shenandoah state park. Time with the family at Yogi Bear rv campground. No real reception around here. Was going to post some pics but....
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  10. I tell y'all one hurts like hell to snatch EKG stickers off my hairy chest. :eek:

    Cardiologist tomorrow morning.

    This stuff sucks. If you think you may have had anything remotely similar to a heart attack go and get checked out. There are a lot if things that can go wrong other than the stereotypical heart attack.
  11. You ok there Scott?
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  12. Hope you are well buddy
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  13. He should go to a veterinarian, they are cheaper and have better drugs.
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  14. I died already....but I'M BACK !!!! In my Beetle Juice voice. Lol

    I'm alright. Have to see the cardiologist this morning. Ticker is still tickin'
  15. A friend of mine just had a valve job done and a pacemaker put in, I sent him a coupon for an optima battery, his wife called me and chewed me out, she almost had to take him to the hospital he was laughing so hard :jester:
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  16. That BOV gave me a chubby :nice:
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