The ole new guy cant tune bit.. 88 5.0 fox microsquirt


Jan 9, 2020
Centerton arkansas
1988 ford mustang 5.0
Skip white NKB heads
E303 cam
Explorer intake
Tremec 3550 trans
3:73 gear (4.56s next month)

This car is nothing special.. But got a 12.86 in 1/4 with spinning out of the hole and letting off at the 1/8th.

There's more power to be had.. Facts are i have no clue how to tune.. I eventually just get fed up and set it to fixed timing @35* and leave it on autotune.

Maybe id be better off puttinf the factory a9l box in it.
BUT! im on my vacation right now amd soing some suspension work and buying a backup motor this week and organizing some wiring. Thats all 8 to you dont need.. Once I finish this all up, probably by Thursday.. Who's willing to assist me in tuning? I live in rogers AR or we can do it Wi-Fi or whatever.. Im computer ignorant but willing to set up a way to pay for your knowledge to help get this turd tip top (or as close as possible without a dyno)
Pm me price amd availability.. I know theres some good dudes on here that would probably give free advice.. But i prefer to pay for the knowledge and both parties be happy.
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