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  1. Well we replaced the headgasket, a throttle position sensor, and 2 clutches the whole time we have had it besides routine maintenance/parts...I think we have done very good in that department. Before about two weeks ago, the only thing we have replaced was the clutch once, but everything is kinda starting to go at once now...Even though all of that stuff is happening, it is still a fun car to drive and I think she is still a beauty. I don't think I am the only one that realizes that because the car dealer that I am looking at this 2000 V6 with Dual exhaust, lowered, koni suspension, short throw shifter, CAI, under drive pullys and a chip, told me that they were giving me 2500-3000 on the trade in...We are just awaiting the bank's approval for the deal.
  2. It's a Kenwood DPX-MP4070. It's 50Wx4, and has the "Colorshock" display that lets you have the display any color you want, or it can change color constantly. It's borderline rice bling-bling, but it looks cool! :nice:

    I agree! Very nice. :canada:

    She shouldn't sit on her hood, though! The metal on newer cars is much thinner than it is on the classics. I had a girl sit on my roof once watching fireworks, and her cheek-marks are still up there! :fuss:
  3. Thank you :D
  4. Haha thanks guys. :) But IIRC, the hoods on the 94 up Mustangs are fiberglass (at least my ex's 96 GT had a stock fiberglass hood, and my 93's hood is much much heavier than this one) plus I don't weight that much lol. Trust me, I use the utmost care when putting my butt anywhere on my car. ;)
  5. Yeah it's sweet lookin. I don't think i've ever seen it and I worked at a car audio place for a year and a half so I figured that I have just about seen everything. You should get a screen to go along with that, that would be pimptastic

    The Polk speakers are a good choice to :nice:
  6. Hahah! thats funny as hell !

    Memories everytime u wash your car eh Skymarshal :D
  7. 2000 v6



    2000 v6 5spd K&N drop in. Magnaflow catback. 42,000 miles. :hail2: :worship:
  8. this was when i had it "ghetto lowered" and crappy chrome exhaust... i didn't pick the chrome... my exhaust guy threw the crap in for free w/o askin... since these pics, i have put roush springs on and gotten the stock exh put back on.... more updated pics coming soon.


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  9. ^^^^^^^^^ :nice: :nice: I like that color combo with the Saleen style wheels. At first I thought you had the Saleen hood. Looks nice.
  10. heres my ride

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  11. again

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  12. again 2

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  13. ^^^^ Sexy Sexy Sexy!! That's all I gotta say.
    You're selling it to aren't you, I think I checked it out yesterday.
  14. svtwhoa2, What springs do you have on your ride?
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  16. 2 more pics

    2 more pony pics

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  17. ^ nice but it looks WAY to stock :notnice: Drop it, blow it, spray it :nice: :D

  18. Nice
  19. yeah really, i'm broke right now, and can't get the mods i want :(

    i might drop it, won't need to blow it, and i won't spray it. All Throttle No Bottle :D