Progress Thread The Only Part Of A Chevy You Don't Have To Tow (until Now), Into An Sn95.

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  1. I goofed up and deleted the previous thread. Turned out to actually be a few interested people so I'll try and get this thread up to speed.

    Car is a 1998 GT with cobra bumpers and an R hood.
    Was a turbo 5.4/th400 car I bought as a roller.
    6pt cage
    Built rear with an ARB and a custom fuel tank
    Coilovers in the front
    PA racing tubular k
    And some other odds and ends
    Out with the old

    Let the tear down begin!
    Car was an oily, greasy mess with modular harness strung out everywhere.
    Engine bay degreased and flaming river manual rack installed.
    Cleaned up the rear and pulled the fuel tank

    Then I picked up this
    06 LQ4 6.0 short block, Ls2 style rods/pistons
    Pistons are fly cut for ptv clearance
    Clevite 77 rod bearings
    Arp rod bolts
    Arp head bolts
    Arp balancer bolt
    Melling oil pump
    Asp aluminum balancer
    Ls2 hd timing chain
    Thunder racing trex cam .242/.248 duration at .050 .608/.612 lift 110lsa
    Ls7 lifters
    Comp one piece pushrods
    Patriot extreme gold .660 lift valvespring kit with titanium retainers
    853 casting ls1 heads milled .065
    Heavily ported on intake and exhaust ports with polished combustion chamber.
    Engine is 11.6:1 compression and pump gas friendly.
    Painted the bay and test fit the long block.
    Got my exhaust. Custom 1 7/8 primaries with 3.5" collectors with v-bands into a 3" x pipe
    Also got my trans and converter
    FTI built TH400 with a RM valve body and transbrake. Should be good for 1,000.
    They also built a custom billet 9" 4,700 stall converter for me. Highly recommend these guys.
    TCI flexplate let me put it all together and wrestle it into the car
    Hung all my f-body accessories and hung the exhaust after cutting and rewelding my UPR mounts.
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  2. A little off topic but I ended up taking a day to build a decent work bench so my work space wasn't so depressing. 1000x better image.jpg
    It's temporarily back on the ground and I had it pushed out while I did some other things
    Got my F-body radiator and transcooler hung as well as my fans
    Waiting on my fabbed valve covers Monday and im swapping the stock tensioner out for a katech unit to battle the slippage.
    I drew out my fuel system and bought my alt pigtail to wire that up.
    I'll be using the Holley HP EFI system so I've got the software on my laptop and have started getting a feel for it and building my base.
    Essentially waiting on a fuel system, my FAST 4150, driveshaft and my holley and I'll be rolling.
    These next couple days off I'm gonna try and tackle my flaking paint and breathe some life back into these wheels for now. Car would look great with a fatter tire on it but I'll have to be patient on that.
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  3. OMG I cant believe you are destroying that cloned Cobra. Just pure sacreligious.

    Bet those rims would look good with a quick polish. They actually dont look too shabby.
  4. Are you trying to say I SHOULDNT take it to the Mecum auction??
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  5. I know a guy that would bid on it. He has a fox but always had a soft spot for the sn95's with a cobra bumper.
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  6. image.jpg
    Everything looks better in pictures
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  7. I laughed a lot at this.

    How dare you destroy those clones!
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  8. Should have quite a few more parts on the porch when I get home from work in the morning. Gonna put the new valve covers on and see how it looks but I've been trying to find a localish powdercoater to do my intake and VCs, possibly a set of wheels. Maybe a few other odds and ends if it's cheap enough.
    Anyone have anything against getting some coil over springs done? Any Ill effects?
  9. Clicked "HATE" on every post in this thread.

    Just wanted you to know. :p
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  10. Southern Indiana. I've gotten 4-5 recommendations but it all seems to be "I know a guy that knows a guy".
    :D Wouldn't have it any other way

  11. sticker,375x360[1].png
  12. The LS swap is awesome.

    The wheels..... Well nevermind.
  13. Cant we lock this thread and ban the OP? Just aint right.

    Are you going to use stock VC's? I know someone who used aftermarket tall VC's to try and fool the masses about the engine type. Got caught by an older lady and the jig was up.
  14. Really don't care for them myself. They've got a buyer as soon as I decide on a rear tire size and buy my wheels.

    Unfirtunately I'm out of cheap parts to buy. The rest are big ticket items.$1,500 ecu, $1,500 wheels/tires, $540 TB, and hopefully just $600 for my fuel system. No clue on the driveshaft. So progress has slowed. We're gonna take a weekend vacation in may so I've moved some money towards that. Otherwise there's just a lot of little stuff to get lined out.
  15. I hate these valve covers. Should have a set of fabbed covers on my porch right now. Deciding whether I'll have some of it powdercoated or not.

    Accufab makes the 4150 bodies for a FAST. Accufab offers 3-4 color choices whereas FAST BUT the FAST TB flows 150 more cfm for like $20 less so color be damned that's what I'm using. Got my cable coming so I can fit that as well as a new dipstick and the pigtail to wire my alt.
    I had problems with my belt configuration and slack. Modified the GM tensioner I bought and it didn't cure the problem so I picked up a Katech tensioner that should do the trick. Sucks to pay $119 for a belt tensioner but slippage is apparently a big issue the other way
  16. I had my valve covers done by a guy named Sean from custom functionz he's located in Maryland 150 for a set of covers. image.jpg
  17. I caught those in your thread, and I think that's exactly what I'd go with.

    On a side note I have always had a hard time taking any business or product seriously that replaced the S with a Z
  18. Yeah but he's a great guy haha I think I'm gonna have him do my wheels black with a copper flake in the powder that's gonna be 350 with the tires off 400 with tires on
  19. image.jpg
    That's better
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