Progress Thread The Only Part Of A Chevy You Don't Have To Tow (until Now), Into An Sn95.

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  1. Sooo, no street runs yet and you are selling it???? I don't think I could do that with any project that was that close to being done.
  2. No no, it's getting driven as soon as I can escape from work for the weekend. Shifters done. Car runs again. It's essentially done, just tweaking a few things.
    It's not leaving my possession anytime soon to be realistic. No ones gonna pony up what it would take to sell it even at a loss.
    Doesn't mean it's not for sale :nice:
    If I've still got in November it's all going into another car.
    Hoping to pick up a clean 4cyl coupe or 99-04 V6.
    This combo should hold me over long enough to check a few boxes off my automotive to-do list.
  3. Well I gotta say that's a big diff between you and me. I'm all about the build like you are, but it kills me to the extent that I need about two years to recoup before I even think about selling. No way would something I just finished be "for sale" before I even got to put miles on it.
  4. It's for sale the way everything's for sale. I know what it would cost for me to let it go at this point and I know that I won't get that offer. I'm good with that.
    But I, like yourself, enjoy the process more than the results.
    I do plan to get the car out and maybe try to snag my 10 second slip in this configuration, but I'm already looking forward to phase 2.
    My cart and my horse run side by side :)
  5. Drove it for the first time today.
    The holley was workin hard to keep it alive but I think I've got a dead coil.
    Knew it was a possibility when I bought the 5.3 but it always acted fine on stands. Good strong pulls.
    But as soon as we got it out on the road it was evident that it had a bad miss under load.
    Seemed to hang around 14.0 putting below 1500 (I pulled a ton of fuel out of it) and about 12.5 when I tried to lay into it. I'm happy with it for the most part.
    Got a coolant leak at the radiator, the fans still hate me and the shifter needs adjusted but otherwise I'm calling the maiden voyage a success.

    Mad tyte camber as the kids are calling it.
  6. Picked up a set of dark 96 seats for $100. Sn95 seats are the best seats IMO. Not really in looks but in comfort. They won't match but they'll allow me to burn these junk seats
    I haven't seen them but a friend is going to get them while I'm at work tonight. So who knows.
  7. image.jpg
    Started working on the gauges.
    Hopefully my next update is substantial
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  8. That's what I've been waiting on.

    A "substantial" update.

    Pfft!!! All of my updates are "Substantial". You just gotta write more to include a human interest side to your stories.

    Then all of the dyed in the wool 5.0 huggin' blue bleeders will have just that much more to ignore the next time.

    Just like with the s hit I write.
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  9. What year engine harness did you end up using? I may have an extra coil laying around here you can have. It is from a '08 4.8l truck engine/harness.

    Glad to see you got it on the road. Not too bad on time for the entire project. Still waiting for video of an on street run. How does it sound going down the road?
  10. Like a dump truck
    I got ahold of a new (used, 90%? Sure they're good :chin) set of coils this morning and swapped them out. Was not the issue apparently . It was all in the tune it seems.
    I appreciate the offer though.

    The car has NEVER gone into learn mode before tonight. Which was my own fault but again, learning.
    So I get it out and fired up and up to temp and it goes into closed loop. And you can just hear it change and settle in. I was relieved.
    Unfortunately when I got it out on the road the trouble persisted. Everytime I get an RPM ERROR signal, it kicks it out of learn mode and negates what the ECU is trying to do. As you can see by this helpful chart, thats a f cking lot.
    rpm error.png
    Guessing a sensor has taken a dump on me.
    Terrible picture but they work. sort of.
    Theyre actually really neat in the way you can program them for different sensors and then the colors and ranges within that window.
    I hooked the 4 gauges up to the 4 outputs and removed the fans (they werent working anyways)
    Unfortunately only 2 of the gauges can be run through the output pins. BUT I can chain them all together and wire them into ONE output. Which is what Ill do. And then hook the fans back up.
    Suprisingly some of the directions with the Holley are actually terrible and hard to decipher. A call to holley tech set me straight and i was able to create an ICF for the fans and gauges. Will tackle the Pinning tomorrow.
    I was supposed to get a shipping confirmation on my 4.30s today, which I never got. The converter has to have more gear, which I knew already but has become very obvious. between this and the rpm error, its quite lack luster so far.
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  11. What you are finding out grasshopper, is how a LS engine actually runs in real life. All the internet hype was just that, hype! Live and learn. :rolleyes:
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  12. I am terrified.

    Mostly by the fact that I'm $2k away from hearing it live, but your troubles terrify me for when it does live
  13. To be fair I'm green as can be to tuning and to the holley system. So that's two strikes against me
    For the most part everything's gone smoothly, just a learning curve and some trial and error.

    What's your engine management plans? HP tuners?
  14. last I heard he was planning on MSII (like me).
  15. Reconfigured the fans and they actually work. So that's a plus.
    Disabled the cam sensor all together and I'm still getting incredibly frequent rpm errors. I have to figure it's something in the settings but I'm currently pulling my hair out(don't have much to work with)
  16. The signal output can be too high or too low... Either of those conditions are upsetting the computer (regardless of manufacturer). Make sure that your signal output is exactly what that EEC is expecting to see.

    On more than one occasion, I've seen where folks had to include a signal conditioner to match up components of various sorts.

    Saw one where swapping polarity on the signal wire mattered (even though polarity wasn't indicated anywhere... was just supposed to be a pulse-read).
  17. This.

    Soundz like noobz is on to something