Progress Thread The Only Part Of A Chevy You Don't Have To Tow (until Now), Into An Sn95.

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  1. I envy those guys everyone knows that have "The car". Never plan to sell it, tinker here and there and when you see it, "yup that's ____'s car"
    I barely have to renew license plates for my stuff. But when your list of desired cars is 6 miles long there's no time!
  2. I've been looking for that car all my life. I'm hoping that this project will be that one. I'm not looking for some exotic, figure that maybe if there's enough of me in every part, it'll become like my mechanical minion.:banana:
  3. It's either something silly or it puked. I doubt the latter.
  4. Took the car out for a cruise and it stranded me.
    After doing a little digging I had a few ignition settings skewed and the IAC was workin it's ass off at 50% at idle as well.
    Coming back down from high rpms the car would shut off and then had a hot no-start condition.
    I've got the IAC at about 5% now and have ordered s return spring bracket to combat a throttle that sticks at 2-3%.

    So while I wait for Tuesday I pulled the rear end apart to swap in some 4.10s.
  5. just look at that floor.:nonono:

    Looks like a crime scene that OJ visited.
  6. I was doing great. Tapped the cover, fumbled it and it cannon balled into gear oil and covered me.:fuss:
  7. LMAO!! That sounds classic! Any chance on you getting a go pro to document this type of craziness?
  8. Heyyyy it drives! Congrats!
  9. I'd really love to get a go pro to stick on the car. The way I work on stuff you'd pretty much have to bleep out the audio.
    Picked up a set of 4.11s, friggin gears are on back order at LRS, summit and jegs. Picked these up across the street from my garage lucky enough.
    Had it all buttoned up but wasn't very happy with the the way everything meshed so it's strung out again to tackle tomorrow.
    My new throttle bracket oughta be here in the afternoon so if all goes well it'll be back on the road in the evening
  10. image.jpg
    Got my return spring style carb bracket and of course it didn't work with my cable. Came up with this hybrid that seems to work really well.
    Gas pedal feels like a clutch pedal though. Couldn't fire it up and test it out til the gas tank lowered back down.
    Gears are swapped and all that, just need to hang the calipers and wrestle the wheels back on.
    Everything seemed to check out but I'm not extremely confident in my gear swap skills so I give it a 50/50 it'll have to come apart again
  11. At least it's not the transmission or the engine, so you got that going for you.
  12. Ah, the silver lining

  13. Well despite all the troubles, it at least looks nice. :nice:

    Whoever made that part appears to assume that he has all the room in the world though. :chin Not sure if that would be an issue down the road.
  14. You could always pull one spring off of that setup and it would make the gas pedal a little lighter, that setup looks good though, i like the idea of that as an insurance policy.
  15. It worked really well. Rear end drove pretty quiet (cars loud as hell so who knows)
    As far as I'm concerned the cars "done" until I get it to a track and beat on it.
    Gotta go put tags on it and fix the headlights/brake lights, build a couple interior panels but I'm probably done updating this thread unless it's a time slip and I'm a few safety features from being able to do that.
  16. That is, until the next update tomorrow :D. Glad you got it going man, this has been the shortest build thread I've ever read, but it keeps me entertained
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