Progress Thread The Only Part Of A Chevy You Don't Have To Tow (until Now), Into An Sn95.

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  1. That's what she said ^^^
  2. The upside of riding back here is no one notices me licking the window
  3. You didn't get the 5.3L heads that everyone loves so much?


  4. Splain please.
  5. LS1 heads don't flow as well. The 5.3 truck heads (LQ4 I believe) flow almost as well as the heads that came on the LS6 (Z06). Most guys source 5.3 heads or spend extra money for AFRs for a stronger LS1 build.

  6. LQ4 is the lower compression 6.0 and uses the 317 head, which flows almost 300 cfm. Theres a 243 (I think) head that you are referring to that are better. As to how much, I don't know. The way I see it, it's like the intake - there isn't enough difference between the truck intake and the LS6 to justify spending the money.
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  7. Ahh... Thanks. I have an 01 Burb with the LQ4. It's an 01' so it has the undersized (read: problematic) exhaust manifold bolts. Those heads go for a measly $300 a set from Rock Auto. Cheaper for me, to just buy a set of heads than to have a machinist rebuild my old ones and dig out the broken exhaust bolts.

    I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't another head that I should be looking at vs. the ones that come stock on my 5.3.

    Thanks Kurt :)
  8. Oh wait... I think my motor is labeled LM7.

    You guys know how that falls into the scheme of things as far as heads and intakes go?

    Is there an advantage to going with something other than the OEM replacements?
  9. that makes you an LQser
  10. 243 head, that's what I was thinking of. I'm not that savy with my Chevy engines.


  11. Looked through that thread and a couple of others. Doesn't look to be a very significant change with the heads. Some mild porting and a crank changes seem to be biggest deals in the power quest at the sacrifice of economy. Not a huge change in torque production though.

    Also not too much mention of long tube advantages when discussing LS either. :shrug: Not sure why that is.
  12. That's odd. I've always thought longtubes are the second biggest gain behind cam swaps on those...
  13. It could be that I just didn't come across the right threads. :shrug:

    Been thinking of ditching my manifolds and installing LTs when I swap the heads.
  14. Some of your terminology bouncing around has confused me a bit but I'll try here.
    The 243s are an LS6 head, the 799s being the truck equivalent minus sodium filled valves. Stock, these are the best cathedral port heads.
    241s are a later cast LS1 head that aren't very desirable (came on my 04 gto for example). 317 heads, which I think are the 6.0 heads you're referring to, flow pretty good numbers and wouldn't be worth the switch to a 243 IMO. The lq4 is the low compression iron 6.0 compared to the lq9. The heads on my build are NOT lq4/lq9 heads, as they came from a 99 TA. They're early ls1 heads and STOCK are a pretty poorly flowing head in comparison. These are ported to PRC level 2 specs are flow pretty well for what they are as well as being milled .065. Motor has been dyno proven already and I'm not so quick to jump on the 243 bandwagon for minimal gains.
    They're going to meet my current power goals and if the time comes to upgrade the heads I'll most like step to a TEA ported rectangular port head.
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  15. Ah yes.... We'd forgotten the PRC level 2 spec. :nonono: How silly of us. o_O


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  16. Stage 2. My bad. All the info can be found on Texas speeds website. I was asked, I answered. I don't see the need for sarcasm. Must have missed something
  17. Only part you missed was that it was a joke (making it sound like everyone has heard of the porting).... LOL

    It was my response to not knowing what the specific porting was. I really don't know much about the Chevy lingo.
  18. I think had you used a couple more smileys I could have picked up on the sarcasm. @madmike1157 can fill you in on the proper usage
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