Progress Thread The Only Part Of A Chevy You Don't Have To Tow (until Now), Into An Sn95.

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  1. :lol:

    Well played.
  2. Naww Tanner, I gotta give it to Noobz. Had he used any MORE smileys, he'd just look like a goober bigger goober that was just at a loss for words.

    Besides,......I thought I was the only one that was a level 2 PRiCk.;):lol::rlaugh::D:nice::banana:
  3. On a side note, I don't really have the funds for the final parts right now so I'm just doing free stuff for the time being.
    Thinkin this weekend I'll measure for my driveshaft and then yank all the suspension out of the car. Need to give it a good shining up and I'm gonna at least think about swapping out the rear gears.
    Cars got a mini spool in it now, debating swapping a full spool or just waiting til this one gives up the ghost
  4. One step forward, 2 steps back. Should be the title of this build image.jpg
    These coil-overs have got to go. They're worn and cheap and I've got a buddy who wants them. Probably replace them with a UPR kit. Got a little flak for knocking UPR so I'll repent ;)

    I need new ball joints as well. The A-arm bushings don't feel like they're at the top of their game so I think the whole arms going to get replaced with a tubular arm. Goodbye to the last remaining Ford part.
    Bit of a budgetary set-back but I've already given in to the extreme deadline extension so might as well.
  5. Better safe than sorry literally. Hate for you to find out the suspension was in bad shape while heading down the track. In the end it will be worth it.
  6. Got a lead on a set of QA1 arms for a steal. He's just not sure when he'll get around to removing them so I may find myself too impatient. Probably go with the strange coil over sleeves unless I opt for new 12" 150s and then I may grab a whole kit.
    I really don't NEED seats to start it obviously, but as I put the interior back together I've really been pondering those Procar seats @madmike1157 picked up.
    The more I settle into the idea of taking an extra 6+ Months the longer the list seems to get. Gotta draw a line in the sand here somewhere
  7. Yeah, tell me about it. I thought I was 1000-1500 away from being done,...but upon reflection it's more 2-2500.
    You'll always find "one more thing"
  8. What's the verdict on those seats? Obviously you haven't spent a lot of time sitting in them but I guess I'm looking for the catch. I really don't want to try and justify $1000 for Recaros
  9. The verdict? They are in boxes waiting on the day I can justify putting them in.

    I bought them from Summit because they'll take them back if I hate them.

    I won't hate them.
  10. Well, had someone make me a pretty good offer on my whole project if I wanted out from under it. The thought of selling it hadn't really crossed my the time.
    At this point the cars in my garage and that's where it will stay. But it's worth kicking around
  11. Money talks man. I'd get out from under mine in a heartbeat, but it'd take a bit of coin. I think I have around 40 hours on the engine bay cleanup alone!
  12. That's what I think most people don't get. I enjoy the build a lot. And I think I'll enjoy the car for a while when it's done. But I know it'll leave my possession one day. And it's hard to pass up the money! With that said I won't really take a loss on it and ive got a good chunk in this thing so someone's really gotta want it. Which LSx mustangs tend to fetch good money
  13. I agree that everything has a price! I enjoyed building my car far more than I am enjoying breaking it every time I take it out of the garage lol

  14. ...and therin lies the real lesson about what wiser/older guys learn about the question of when enough HP is enough.
  15. There's no such thing as too much horsepower. Ever

    There is such a thing as too little patience and too little money . Kind of like the crazy/hot scale for women :D
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  16. Haha if you're not breaking stuff you're not trying hard enough!
  17. There we go. How many can say that they enjoy the build more than the finished project.
    I for one am one of the builders.
    I don't know exactly what it is about the process,..because every time the day is done my ass is dead,....but the very next time I have the chance to go back at it........
    I'm right back in there,....laying on my back,...getting burned up,....eyes, and nose filled with dirt.
    Only I got tired of breaking sh it, so I build street cars now......

    And there is enough power.

    I just have to find where that is.
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  18. Mine is right around the point where my street machine can only improve by lengthening the track of the rubber that I leave on the road.
  19. I tell ya hwat, I'm about out of patience smoothing this blasted engine bay
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  20. I used to enjoy the build. Now I'd rather just let someone else do it and just enjoy driving it.
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