Progress Thread The Only Part Of A Chevy You Don't Have To Tow (until Now), Into An Sn95.

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  1. As I was leaving the NMRA event this weekend I was a little disappointed that I had not run faster, and a little jealous because I knew I will never have he finances to run a 9 second street car. But then I thought to myself, maybe this 12-13 second zone is really where its at, because I have been able to drive it to the track every time I go, beat on it, and drive it home without problem. I came to the realization that this may be the most enjoyable performance level, just because I don't have to worry about breaking much.

    *Knock on wood*

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  2. I completely agree with you. But I guess I'm just not there yet. I was thinking the other day (while I wrestled the dash out) how much easier and enjoyable it would have been to grab another coupe.
    Put a small blower on it and a little bump stick and just be out enjoying it for a lot less money. But then the domino effect caught me again and I thought "well I'd at least want to go 351....then you might as well build the bottom end for longevity...and it'd be silly to cheap out on heads with a built shortblock...great now my little t5 isn't going to survive!" And just like that even my daydreaming car became a pain in the ass :fuss:
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  3. For me that point is 10.0's to 10.99. For as many passes i had on the car the breakage was pretty minimal, but once you start going single digits, things get expensive. Its about 1000 in safety equipment, and you will spend another 500 easy on the NHRA licnese...
  4. A "typical" trip to the track costs me about $500 and that's if we don't break anything. I would agree that a 10 second streeter would be much easier on the wallet and subsequently break a whole lot less!
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  5. I don't think the average enthusiast really understand the cost of having a really fast street car. Stuff adds up real quick. There comes a point where it doesn't matter how good of a part you buy, things just break.

  6. You hit the nail right on the head!!
  7. I'm hoping to go 9s on the bottle and drive to Burger King.
    Now that's an awesome idea in theory, it just turns the Burger King parts the only cheap aspect.... Maybe 12's is the sweet spot afterall
  8. Tenths start getting expensive down there in the 7's haha
  9. I really want to pull off a 10 second quarter mile. I'm going to do it like once, maybe twice. After that I'm pushing my luck with this car.


  10. View:
    This is from a few years ago... Trip to BK in the old shop car (Kris's) Coupe that had an 8 sec true street average. Wound up running a best of 8.20 with this car and still street drove it everywhere!
  11. In the snow no less haha
  12. Thought you might like that one, lol
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  14. I too have thought about this. Selling everything and just putting all the money into the notch. I just don't want to build an everyday mild 302 although I would probably be just as happy with it... But, I really want to see the GT project through. It is a salvaged title so in reality it really isnt worth anything and I am really just saving it from the crusher.

    What did you end up doing for the coil overs?
  15. I haven't done anything at the moment. I'll be finishing up the paint/clear this afternoon.

    I have a set of AJE arms to pick up for $50, but the guy still hasn't removed them and I'm not looking to wait forever. I'm trying to stick with the SN95 length arms since I don't want to modify my brand new tie rods. But that's a whole new can of worms concerning front wheel size, spacers, brakes etc

    I'm planning to pick up a new set of sleeves and collars and some 14-150's. UPR seems to have a pretty decent price I just hoped to sell this stuff first to offset cost.
  16. image.jpg
    Debadged it. Actually didn't know it had a dowel behind it.oops, had to Sand and paint this as well.
    Went ahead and installed the new headlights
    Paints "done". Turned out alright, just won't be happy til it's actually painted
    Painted the wheels as well. Still don't intend to keep them, but the wheels I do want are black so it was worth $15 to get an idea. They're just not on the car because I didn't feel like putting the front suspension back under it just to take it out again.

    Not much of an update
  17. Taking a little trip to pick up wheels and some pretty healthy tires tommorow :rock:
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  18. now that is a man's tire. Looks basically like a weld racing rim. 3.5" on the front?