Progress Thread The Only Part Of A Chevy You Don't Have To Tow (until Now), Into An Sn95.

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    17x4.5 fronts that I've gotta get tires for
    15x10 7.5BS with a new pair of 325/50/15 MT's
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  2. image.jpg image.jpg
    They sure look good but they sure don't fit. 1/2 spacers put the wheel where I want it but the BFH will fix the tire rubbing
    Also picked up some front tires. Hopefully summit gets them here by Tuesday and I'll put the front end back together with the old parts and get it on the ground.
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  3. Started clearancing out my rear wheel wells for these big assed tires. Between the extra 50mm of tire and the extra 1" of backspace over my prostar setup the odds are stacked against me. Unfortunately I've also got Mono so every task is a real struggle. Only made it about 2 hours today. image.jpg Cleaned up and painted my spindles
    image.jpg Picked up some sweet cobra wheels to roll the car around on. I dig these wheels, just not on my car :)
    Fronts will be in and hopefully mounted tommorow. I've got the coil overs sold to buy their replacements but they're going to back on too just for a day or so. Honestly I just want to see the car with the new shoes
  4. Even with mono you get more done than i do over the weekend ha. Was summit fairly reasonable for tires? I am cheap so discount tire usually works for me.
  5. Summit and Jegs had them for $188. Which is just about what they cost anywhere it seems. My thing was speed of delivery. Summit scored a big F there so I re-ordered with Jegs to get them hopefully tommorow.
    We're taking a vacation next month and doing some other things so the cars going to get pushed aside for a while....

    But not before I see it back on the ground :nice:
  6. Update for the day
    I misspoke when I said the fronts were 15's. They're in fact 17x4.5. Plenty of clearance when the big brakes go on image.jpg
    Unfortunately my misstep carried over to my tire order and these showed up today
    image.jpg image.jpg
    Hopefully 17s will be here tomorrow and now I have TWO brand new sets of S/R fronts
    Finished with the cage and tore out the trunk area and all the wiring
    Won't be needing this
    Was able to clean the trunk area up real nice
    I had piled this all up to throw away when I had an idea. So out came the snips and razor blade and about 45 min later...
    Had all this I was able to save for future wiring. Plus some needed in-line fuses and relays. Turned out to be a good idea
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  8. I love those big ole tires!

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  9. Car was stolen by a band of gypsies
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  10. Car looks sexy and ready for business. Good idea on the wiring. I am going to have to borrow this for when I tear into my project. Need to get rid of this parts car thats in my way first though.

    HUH? you are going to have to elaborate on this a little more my friend.
  11. Just seeing if anyone was paying attention :rolleyes:

    And thanks, I'm actually really happy with how the wheels worked out.
    Me and the woman are taking a little vacation in May so that cut into the car fund. I'm hoping to get a big chunk of the car finished in the following couple months. My to-do list has definitely shrunk but it never seems to go away.

    1. Install fuel system
    2. Install throttle body and cable
    3. Custom driveshaft
    4. Install the holley system
    5. Wire the whole damn car (fans, starter, alt, gauges, fuel system, transbrake)
    6. Put the interior back together
    7. Fill it with fluids and try and fire it up on the base tune I built

    Unfortunately it's at least $4,000 worth of stuff on the list so it'll take a bit
  12. Are you actually going to race that thing with wheel spacers? I am not sure that is something you would really want to do.:shrug:
  13. The short answer to that is no. I'm comfortable beating on it with a very small spacer. But it's got a pretty big set of spacers on it as of now that will guarantee a wheel stud failure. I'll be able to tune the car and get some miles on it before I remedy the situation in the rear.
  14. We ran outlaw 10.5 for years with my buddies car and it always had two 1/4" spacers on each rear wheel and never a single issue. That car went well into the 6's at over 220mph fwiw. I'm not sure the reasoning why everyone says no to wheel spacers. I had to run spacers on my sn95 to clear my brakes with weld prostars and that has had wheel spacers for 15 years now and the guy who owns it still drives it around everywhere with no issues.
  15. I agree, but I think there's a few variables that can make spacers a bad idea. I HAD a set of 1/2 Billet deals on that would/will be enough and with these studs I felt alright But I've got a 3/4 set on there right now because they clear by a mile. I can make them work with a 7.5 BS but it was a temp fix to a long list of problems. Turns out a 6.5 is the answer even for these cars
  16. I'll tell ya why.
    My old boss converted his 4 lug mustang to 5 lug using those adapters to get the job done. Basically a bonafide 1" thick aluminum spacer. He bolted on his new wheels, and left for home,...then called me to pick him up when his left front tire decided that he wasn't going fast enough, it passed him. The rest of his 68 Mustang came grinding to a halt on the drum.

    Bottom line,....spacers require a long enough reach, and a dedicated tightening regimen, followed by an immediate thorough re-tighten after a short trip around the block.
  17. On stock length and size studs I agree that was just a stupid move. I hate those "conversions" for that exact reason. Any kind of spacer is putting more and more stress too far out. I think to a certain extent longer, larger dia studs are beneficial. But if youre hanging 6' out on a 6' tree branch or 6' out on the same diameter 16' tree branch you're gonna bust your ass either way.
  18. Mmmmmm car so sexy.
  19. Wheels weren't the next logical step but it did wonders for my motivation to finish it
  20. image.jpg
    Need more tires I think