The only X pipe I've ever seen to gain Torque...this much

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  1. Want torque? Get 'X"ed
    Well I've been defending my H pipe like it was the best thing going because I'm old school and love the H pipe sound with Flows...thats what I've put on 7 mustangs.
    Cobra Killer has been bugging me to put a X pipe on for a while now. He swears that it is the only X pipe that will still sound like an H pipe at idle pick up a group of torque even going from catted to noncatted, and not drone with Flowmasters. I been telling him for 3 months..."NO WAY" so he makes me an offer I can't refuse...try it and only pay for it if it works.
    so finally I said OK. Holy crap. I dont care who flames this...I was there and saw it....I went from a BBK catted H pipe to a DR Gas X. The car picked up 9 rwhp and 30 rwtq on the same dyno with no changes in tune. The dyno's were a week apart and temps outside within 3 degrees of each other. The thing sounds great. H pipe to 3000 rpms...Nascar after that...I love it.
    I highly reccomend the Dr Gas and T&J performance in Atlanta.
    while I'm not ready to release final numbers on my car as I still have work to do...let me say this TECHNICALLY speaking...for a car thats already over 400rwtq, to pick up 30rwtq at peak and 40rwtq from about 3500 to 5000rpms is nearly unbelievable...but I saw it happen and I have the dyno sheets top prove it. GET "Xed"
    GI Joe
  2. wow, does the X have cats?
  3. nice dude
  4. You can count on it ! :nice:

  5. :lol:
    I hate to say it Dave but..........
    I told you so :D

    It was really hard trying to explain to you how it sounded compared to the H pipes. Now you know what I was trying to say :hail2:

    Congrats on your new "secret" numbers :rolleyes: :)
    (like anyone around here can keep a secret :p)
  6. No which is why I dont understand the torque gain...It was about the same down lower but I never drive 2500rpms except when cruising.I guess thats why they get a pretty penny for that thing but its definately worth it....Im a hard headed dude.....but he convinced me.
    GI Joe
  7. Rod I'll have to admit did tell me...I just could not believe what my eyes were read crap in books and go "yeah right" I just wonder what it will do on a stock pipe. Now granted my car greatly benifited from it because its ablower car making over 500rwhp(ooopppps) but it really must have needed it. Dude thats torque you can feel.
  8. Is the Dr. Gas X a bolt on, or do you have to weld it in? I've wanted to go from an H to an X for awhile now. I love the sound of my o/r H, but I've been hearing that the X will give you more HP and TQ.
  9. It comes in like a thousand (7) pieces and they all have to be welded. PITA but allows for perfect fitment around any obstacles, headers, trannies ect...but these guys did all the welding and then clean it up with a cerama-coat paint and it looks nice...sorry no pics :(
    GI Joe
  10. post sound clip please!!!!!!

  11. GI-Joe, glad to hear everything is working out, that is crazy how that helped you! i am happy for ya man! :nice: I figure since sometime in the future i am gonna be driving down to Georgia for T&J to throw a novi2000 and intercooler on there :D so how much do you think i will gain overy my Bassani O/R X-pipe? cause i might as well have them throw the Dr. Gas on there while i am down there. By the way, I am enjoying your old shortblock, T&J used your old one to build me my forged shortblock :D

  12. Dude I feel like an organ donor......I was glad to hear a few months back when they told me it went to good use.......
    I dont know about the Dr Gas over the Bassani...but Thats a good TECHNICAL question...Maybe Tim will chime in here in a while and tell us...because if I'm not mistaken they did a side by side test of them and he has the results...

  13. ha ha, I am glad you had a Shortblock Donor card :D My shortblock had Internal failure :bang: sweet, yeah i will let tim know if he doesn't come across this thread. thanks man :nice:

  14. Good choice and good taste! :nice: For my black stang, received the
    flowmaster 40's today and Dr. Gas xpipe arriving end of the week for
    a Oct. 8 install!! Shd be a big difference over stock :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  15. the thing is perfect all the way cruise it just goes drone at all....none...not at any RPMs...its the craziest thing I ever saw!
    Gi Joe
  16. I'm down with the X (see sig). :cheers:
  17. Dr. Gas is 7 pieces of you have LT's if I remember ( just got in the ones the fit the stock headers this morning ) they are 5 pieces for shorties and only glanced at em since I was in a hurry.

    Hey Tim if you come across this are the pipes on his car the ones I sent you? :D

    Can't wait to get mine on might take off friday to install em.
  18. Sound Sound Sound!!!!
  19. +30rwtq on 500rwhp car!! :eek:
  20. 500+ rwhp :D and yes gained 30 rwtq at peak tq and 40 across much of the band....