The only X pipe I've ever seen to gain Torque...this much

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  1. Kirky, to be honest with you, I think my car is actually quieter at idle with the Dr. Gas off road X pipe than with the catted BBK H pipe. I don't know why but I swear it is. As for WOT, that's a different story. It's loud as hell. As far as raspy, mine doesn't sound raspy at all. Mine does sound different than the others(Borla, Flowmasters, Bassani) though since I have a Magnaflow catback. It's pretty tame. My car doesn't sound anything like Tigerdogs car(Flowmasters). His car sounds like it belongs in a nascar event. It sounds bad ass. Since Dave has Flowmasters also, I'm betting his sounds pretty awesome also. I haven't heard it since he made the swap.....
  2. Now that's an interesting question that I don't have an answer to. This has been battled for months in other threads and everyone has their own opinions but my decision came down to how loud the exhaust was. I wanted the quietest exhaust system possible without sacrificing performance. I went with the Magnaflow catback. I do think the Flowmasters sound better, though.

    If I were you, I would just keep your 2 chamber setup and not worry about it. I don't think the loss or gain would be negligible.
  3. you guys have a picture of the Dr. Gas X installed on your cars?

  4. Dr. Gas is the ****, I think the only other that can compare is Magnaflow. Obviously better designs just to look at them compared to Bassani, BBK, anything you want to compare it to. Somewhere (can't remember where) I saw a basic Vortech GT pick up 28 rwhp and 30 rwtq with a Magnaflow catted X. Of course it was over the stock H pipe, but that's a longtube-style gain with just a catted X pipe.
  5. should have a pic soon along with a sound clip on a n/a engine
  6. Man, I know Dr. Gas stuff rules. It was a hard toss up between their o/r X pipe and Bassani's o/r X. I ended up getting bassani's pipe because I got it for a HELL of a deal. I'll agree with most though, the sound of an X pipe is unmistakably awesome.
  7. blah...most x pipes sound like crap especially on flowmasters...thats why im leary of taking peoples advice on the dr. gas X

  8. hey cobra killer on this thread it says that Dr.Gas is a very good X pipe but at T&J performance i see VRS so which 1 is better?
  9. I love the way it sounds. Check the link to hear. I'd be interested in others who have the dr. gas x pipe and flows to listen and let me know how the dr. gas pipe sounds in comparison.

  10. Kirky,
    I agree with you on that comment............a lot of the X pipes I have heard do sound like crap. Most were raspy and "euro" sounding that I listened to. I hated them.

    Enter the Dr. Gas-
    Tim had been harping on me for weeks to try it and I was a little leary, but he had not steered me wrong yet, so I got one.
    I was in love with it as soon as I cranked it up for the first time after that. I don't know all the exact techno mumbo jumbo, but on the Dr. Gas, the location of the crossover so far forward is the reason it makes the power gain and sounds like an H pipe down low. That's what I have been told anyway by those in the know :p

    I really think the Dr. Gas is the reason I am so close to SmithAtlanta and Mustnag03 in dyno numbers. I still have the stock manifolds and no catback.(just welded in Flows) They have headers and catbacks. Otherwise we all have the exact same set up.

    Like all the guys above that have heard mine said .......It does sound F'in SWEET. The Flowmaster 2 chambers just compliment the Dr. Gas like no other pipe on the market. At idle to low RPM's it's deep, and mellow.....almost identical to an H pipe. Hit the gas and from 4,000 to 6,000 you will think you are driving a NASCAR. You'll pop a chubby then soil yourself at 5,000 rpm's and up !!! I'm not kidding.
  11. Where can I get a DR GAS xpipe
    and is there a catted version
    that will pass VA emmissions?:)
  12. I have to say that doesn't sound damn good. I like the sound of the prochamber a little bit more but what mufflers do you have on your 97? It doesn't necessarily sound like flowmasters either. I'll look on mustang and see what i can find. More clips please. I noticed at the end it sounds really deep and muscular which i definitely liked :D

  13. well just as i thought...nothing on for 4.6L and dr. gas X except one clip of magnaflow, dr. gas, and long that was actually pretty sweet. I normally dont care for any striaght through design.


  14. Cobra killer sells them and you can't beat his customer service. He can also answer any questions you have about the Dr. Gas pipes............

    PM him or here's the link to his site so you can give him a call:
  15. That's my setup... I like it.
  16. 3 Questions.

    1) Do they make them for a 2003 GT 5 spd.?

    2)Where is the best place to order from?

    3) do they sell them in one peice or do i have to have a shop weld them together for me?

    Im exited i finally found a x i like!!!!
  17. YES!!! man, i have been telling people for the longest time, Dr. Gas X-pipes are the absolute best, some listen, most dont. i really hope this opens peoples eyes, these guys make the most quality pipe. some people complain about the install, butit really isnt that bad either, if you're afriad of some work you should take up golf instead. my longtube/Dr.Gas-X/Spintech combo goes on as soon as i get my tubular Kmember, cant wait for the power!

    so glad to hear u like the pipe man.
  18. They're the 40 series flows. The puny camera mic can't do it much justice though. before I got the bassani pipe, i went to and, at the time, there were no bassani clips :( I heard a guy at the track with this setup on a cobra and that's what had me sold.

    Prochambers and the like sound nice, no doot aboot it, but everyone around here has one. I put 2 prochambers on a 2 guys cars on the same day even. I just needed something different sounding. Although, If I decide to go back, I've still got my bbk o/r H pipe :)
  19. how the heck is it possable that the dr. gas makes that much moer power then the bassani??????????? they are the same thing. someone who knows please tell me
  20. Dallas Mustang has them for a 2000 GT would that work for my 03?