The only X pipe I've ever seen to gain Torque...this much

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  1. No, they're not the same thing. Dr.Gas is a true X while Bassani uses a chambered crossover. Look at pics of each and you can clearly see a difference.
  2. EXACTLY.and appearantly it makes a real difference............

    Contact T&J to get one.


    Kirky...long tubes... political aganda over no pipe...I promise...Tim sell more than one pipe at his shop
    so you could buy anything...its just a matter of what you want to spend and what you want for your money.
    I dont put no stock in that exhaust site.....I use to go to it but nothing sounds the same as it does in person....and the flowmaster sound different anyway...Microphones, outside goes on and cant buy a pipe by listening to it over a computer speaker.....get out there in Dallas or somewhere and find someone and listen to it...thats the only way...maybe fortworth or dallas mustang sites can provide a source.
    I have 2 chamber mufflers.....
    Mike or Rod said earlier its quieter a idle.....true.....and at WOT its screaming.....I like that alot...quiet near the cops, quiet at cruise speed, and loud as hell when I squeeze on the go pedal (whenever I want sound). Its slightly louder than the prochamber at idle and a bit crisper...NO RASPY at all...If it was it would come off my car even if it cost me 10 hp.....but I dont know about that torque thing hehehe I might have to live with it for that torque...
    heres what it all looked like under there before the h pipe came off. My car is at T&J shop so I do not have a picture of X right now.....You see that car? I would not put something on it that was not top notch. I should have gotten one a long time ago before Mike or Rod beat me over 400 rwhp

    btw have a very nice car,color, and wheels and tint too...get out there and get "X ed"
    03 GT....yes.......
    must weld...get from T&J best service I know of....they have commitment...nuff said(more on that later in a week)

    GI Joe
  3. Where in dallas will do this for me?
  4. go here and search....I use to live in TX
  5. Torque and HP?

    The stated torque and HP gains are impressive, but what would the gains be for a stock GT? I assume almost nothing right?
  6. how many o2 sensors go into the dr. gas x-pipe? Do I have to use the mils for all 4 or just the back 2?
  7. just the back two
  8. Okay that answers one part of my question and helps me out a TON!! Is this the standard way of installing the x-pipe.. Do you always use all 4 sensors?

    So my main question is: Do I have to drill all 4 holes in the x pipe and use all 4 sensors with MILS on the rear 2? From the looks of your reply, I guess it is mandatory that you do..

    I'm new to this so bear with me.
  9. The holes are already in the pipe with bungs welded in.All you need is 2 Mil eliminators for the rear 02's..

    We were all new at one time..:)

  10. its already together? People were saying it had to be welded together to "custom-fit" your car.

    I have a 01 GT convertible and I am on the DR gas site now. Do I need the 1979- 2002 MUSTANG SHORTIE HEADER X-CROSSOVER SYSTEM or the 79-02 MUSTANG MAC/BBK LONG TUBE X-CROSSOVER SYSTEM?

    Let me know about the weld part...
  11. You have stock manifolds, so you ned the Shortie Header X.
  12. It has to be welded.....Just did one today on Atlanta Gter's car.:)I turn the mils off using my reflash box...

  13. well, being that it has to be welded on, I doubt that any service station in PA would put it on because it is illegal here for anyone to remove cats from a car. So a serviec station won't do it. Therefore, its not too "do it yourself" friendly to get a dr. gas, then have to try to get it fitted and welded.

    Are there any other comparable o/r x-pipes that come "ready to go" and can be installed by someone like me? I want to get a good quality great sounding one that will work with my Flowmaster original 40 series 2 chambers. Let me know. Thanks.
  14. VRS is a good xpipe...The H pipe from MRT is a good pipe as well.

  15. Tim im a poor college student and just recently (Accidently ordered) A bbk x pipe and i have 40 series flows. Is my car going to see any gains and will it sound horrible? Im really concerned!!!!!
  16. the flows are chambered right?

    i thought the deal was H gets chambered & X gets straight thru.
  17. Nascar USES the Dr Gas X pipe!
  18. Not sure how a BBK X sounds..Sorry man.Wish I knew..

  19. So how does the Dr. Gas X-pipe sound with the Flowmaster 40 2 chambers? I heard that x-pipes and flow 40's sound raspy. Like after you ahmmer on it then let off, on the way down it sounds like metal vibrating. Is this common and what have been your experiences..
  20. the DR Gas X sounds good with my dynomax ultra-flo's, but i only went with straight thru ultra-flo's instead of flowmasters because i was told no chambered mufflers with X's.