The only X pipe I've ever seen to gain Torque...this much

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by GI Joe 97/02, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Just wondering, whats the price on the off-road x Dr. Gas system? If anyone wants to share. Thats definately a great gain. Im jealous of all yalls cars. Oh yea one more q, what is the hp area that a stock 281 block can handle. Thanks
  2. You are looking at about $300 for the o/r Dr. Gas...... but worth every penny in conjunction with the Flowmaster catback. :nice:
  3. I picked up 25rwtq when I went from the stock h pipe to the Magnaflow x pipe.
  4. the dr gas x is a little expensive it is about $300 bucks right
  5. it is worth every penny though
  6. for the record, i hate california emissions. :(
  7. I have stock exhaust with 40 series flowmasters. Can I add a dr. gas x pipe with my stock cats still on? Will there be any hp or torque gain there? Will it be louder?
  8. what is another x pipe that is really good
  9. I have an Auto and got a huge increase in torque going to an o/r H 2 1/2" from a stock catted and 2 1/4" pipe. I was worried and read where I could lose low end but got totally the opposite. It made a huge jump in power out of the whole! Going from a Catted H to an X and no cats is probably where you got most of the difference.

    Have you ever looked inside a cat! You can barely see light through them. Restriction!!!