35th Anniv The party is almost over...no not the GT.

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Ok guys have some news....after nearly 8 years of free access to high speed internet on my current job, I am changing jobs and leaving the company I work for. May 4th will be my last day at work and probably my last day with full access. My new job will require some internet use, but they may have firewalls that keep me from StangNet.
    I will continue to monitor StangNet(Limited Forums) and respond as much as I can and use my parents internet until I have some sort of high speed access to my house. No luck yet.
    Just wanted you guys to know if it seems I'm not around much.
  2. Dont YOU have internet at home? Just get netzero or something man, its dialup but its free......
  3. HAha! Nope, not even a computer. We used to have one about 4-5 yrs ago, but whn we moved we never got it again. Besides, I was able to surf 8-5pm M-F. No real reason. I'm not totally out of the loop, even if my parents have the dreaded dial up.
  4. Sucks! Your my 35th aniversary specailist! Hope it all works out for ya!
  5. Not to worry Grasshopper! I'll still be around although it may take a little longer to respond.
  6. I'm back MoFo's!! New job is workin' me over, but its definetly a better job. I do have internet access at work, but I'm keepin' it on the down low right now and will only be posting on my lunch break(M-F) and from my parents computer. Its not much, but it will do for now.

    I see the forums have been kinda quiet.....but :SNSign: :nice: