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  1. Alright guys, after two years of neglect-I'm going to fix my mustang. This is the summer I finally change the transmission and replace key parts of the exhaust.
    But... Until I have the new (to Me.) transmission and other parts-I'm going to work on some other issues

    First Project-Remove the Purple window tint. The door glass and windshield are a non issue . The back window-with the defroster is what I'm scared of. So guys who know,how do I peel the tint off without stripping the coating off the defroster strips?

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  2. Rent a steamer and steam it off.

    There's also a method of using black trash bags, spraying an ammonia/water mix on it and sticking it to the tint and parking in the sun.

    Both methods loosen up the glues and the tint peels off.

  3. Mmmm I thought Aprils fools day was two weeks ago.......

    Do work and more pictures o_O
  4. Thanks man- I was hoping you would say a heat gun would work lol
  5. Purple tint is a serious matter......
    lol I'll have some good pics soon,playing parts hoard right now
  6. @Davedacarpainter -without mucking up your paint thread with more non fox paint questions, and without starting a new other auto thread ,I have some

    1995 Crown Vic LX. I've owned it since '06. 5 years ago I had it repainted. It's the factory pearl/green color. It was an 8 out of 10 then,it's been parked the last few years,so it's worse now lol.
    My main issues are- I have an aluminum hood-I replaced the hood with a JY hood when it went to paint. There is an area (un pictured.Will take pics tomorrow) peeling. It's about the size of a kodiak can.
    I have rust bubbles in both wheel wells , how far out will I need to sand it down, What's the best way to fix the bubbles . How hard will it be to match 5 year old pearl paint?
    Long winded questions dave. But as always-I appreciate any and all advice you are willing to share :)

    IMG_1714.JPG IMG_1712.JPG IMG_1713.JPG
  7. Dang Chris, those bubbles may be trouble.

    Your problem probably won't be on the surface level of the panel, I bet they go down deeper into the underlying layers. You'll,need to grind the paint away from the outer panel to see if it's more than just some surface rust causing the bubbling. I don't mean to be a downer brother, I've seen that before.

    Whatever your issues with the hood, they'll be easy next to those bubbles.

    I bet the rot is in the underlying panel. It can be fixed, but you'll have to do some cutting, replacing to fix it.
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  8. Yeah Dave-that's what I thought you where going to say.....:( lol

    But .. I was ready for that answer, and will move forward towards fixing the bubbles :)

    Also I forgot the hood pics..
  9. this is method my tint guy suggested for DIY removal.
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  10. Bought this the other day for no other reason than I thought-'Hey that's kinda cool' lol
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  11. Hey, that's kinda cool:nice:
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  12. Just posting to remind myself that I like my car and want to drive it again. So I'm going to post some old info that has led to it currently being driveway/garage art-

    When I originally bought the car,it had been parked for a little over a year due to a bad radiator and a transmission leak,plus the owners lack of interest in it anymore.

    I took it to the garage I work at. I flushed the cooling system,changed the thermostat and all the hoses. Replaced the radiator and serpentine belt.
    I put it on the rack to check out the transmission leak,looked like the trans pan and the dip stick tube where leaking. So I drained the pan and converter,changed the filter and gasket,and replaced the dipstick O rings.
    Life was good for the rest of the summer. Only issue I was having was reverse,it felt like it was in a bind when backing up and took about 5 seconds to engage when shifted into reverse. I parked it for the winter-which back then was under a car cover in the back yard lol. Once warm weather set back in I took off the car cover and went about topping off all the fluids ,and the transmission was Dry. 5 qts of Mercon V it was full.
    I looked around for where the fluid went,only place I could find was around the electrical connector on the passenger side of the trans.
    I drove it for the next few days and after about 50-60 miles the fluid was very low. Electrical connector was soaked. I filled it up and let it sit for a couple days with a drain pan under it.there was about 3 qts in the pan by the second day lol.
    The leak got a lot worse in a very short time,as well as reverse got harder and harder to use.
  13. ^^^^ anyone?
  14. With the leak and reverse issues getting worse- I shopped around for a rebuild. After a few $1,600-2,200 dollar quotes I set out to find a used transmission .
    Low and behold- a friend of a friend had a perfectly good Jasper rebuilt Aod-e sitting his garage that he knew worked perfectly and would sell for $300 bucks. So I bought it and pulled mine.
    IMG_1959.JPG IMG_1960.JPG
    While I had it a part. I plugged off the smog ports in the back of the cylinder heads and replaced the rear main seal. IMG_1962.JPG

    I replaced the pump seal,tailshaft seal,pan gasket and filter. I put a new speed sensor and mlps switch on the 'New to Me' transmission and put it back in.
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  15. Sorry man-I'm getting to the point slowly lol
  16. While it was on the jackstands,and because it was way to loud and full of leaks-I cut off the glass packs,replaced the mid pipes and put on a set of two chamber thrush mufflers IMG_1963.JPG

    After it was all back together and Running I took it for a drive. Wouldn't shift. Tried to manually shift-no change,tried adjusting the shifter linkeage,the mlps ,no change,took it on a longer drive. Started shifting-only from second to third,after bouncing off the rev limiter and then immediately downshifted back to second as soon as I let off the throttle.
    That's how it sits now, basically stuck in second gear. Spent days trying to figure it out,even swapped the torque converter from the original trans back in-still stuck .....
    The Brightside.. Picking up another New to me transmission next week-with a 90 day warranty :)

    I know these posts are useless ramblings - but it's motivation to fix that damn thing lol
  17. :pop: keep get'n after it.
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  18. Damn, sorry all that work was for nothing. What brand sensors did you buy? I have always had horrible luck with generic auto parts store sensors. Always go factory replacement.
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