Progress Thread The Re-Rebuild..

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  1. Its been sometime since I toasted my pistons, now I'm looking to get the beast back on the road. Just ordered a :poo: ton of parts and hoping to have them by the end of next month. Stay tune!

    -Ross Racing Pistons w/ SS rings 99651, 16cc (9.75:1cr)
    - ARP Head Stud kit 156-4101
    -4.6 engine gasket kit (using stock head gaskets)
    -Tokico HP blue shocks
    -Meth kit (not sure what kit yet)

    goal 600-700hp on 93, still stock heads and cams.

    other engine parts

    -Teksid block bored .020 over and decked
    -Manley H-Beam Steel Connecting Rods
    -ARP main stud kit
    -MMR side bolt kit
    -8 blot crank
    -Trick Flow stage 2 valve springs
  2. Block tear down and inspection. Deburred the block.







    Next steps, take block, rods, pistons and crank to the machine shop for cleaning and balancing.

    EDIT. Going to clean up heads as well. Light porting on the intake runners.

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  3. What are you going to do for the trans?
  4. Good question, im not really sure, but I might just rebuild the t45 with better parts. I would really like a tk0 600, but dont have the 2k-3k to do the swap.
  5. Looking good Tank!
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  6. Only reason I ask is because I would hate for see you to get everything up and running and then blow your trans..
  7. LOL, very true.. That would be my luck.
  8. I'm calling the input shaft to be the first to go if left in stock form. That thing is gonna have a metric :poo: ton of torque thrown at it, lol.
  9. I'd replace the input shaft as sneaky said. Why not bump the compression up to 10.1-10.5:1 with meth though? Good luck! 2v's FTW.

    Alky Control FTW on meth kits.
  10. I have been bouncing this around for a while too. Hopefully mine will hold up long enough for me to get it rebuilt. She looks sexy as always, still going to run the single turbo setup?
  11. What does it mean when you say deburred the block? When it comes to building an engine from the ground up I have no experience with that.
  12. I built mine from the gnd up and I as well have never heard of "deburred the block" either.
  13. You are removing any sharp edges where a crack may start. Video below.

  14. Yeah, still going to run the 62mm. The turbo is really fun on the streets and seems to be holding its own on the track.
  15. Picking my heads up from the machine shop today. Heads have been decked and 5 angle valve job has been done. Bottom-end almost done, will post some pics later today.
  16. bad news.... the heads are no good... Looking for another set of PI Windsor heads. If anyone has a bare set, please PM me, Thanks
  17. Short block progress, rings have been cut.




  18. 600-700rwhp on stock heads and cams? Holy :poo: how much boost are you going to run? I see that you're going to run a 9.75 CR on 93 and high boost, are you worried about detonation? Im going to run a 9.5 CR on 91 on 13-14lbs and Im deathly afraid of detonating.

    Also, looks like you're running the same Manley 4340 H-beams I am. We'll see how they hold together. Supposed to be 1000+HP. Good luck :nice:

    .....and as Mark mentioned, 2V's FTW!!!!
  19. 19-20lbs of boost and as for the high CR, thats what the meth kit is for:D Know someone (link below) that made 630 on stock heads, 62mm turbo 9.1:1 compression, stage 2 cams and 110 in the tank. Going to see what it will do with stock cams before I blow $$$ on a custom set and a bigger turbo.