Progress Thread The Re-Rebuild..

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  1. Dropped the crank in, unable to install the rods, did not have a ring compressor.. Should have the long block together by friday.


  2. pistons installed, waiting on heads to get here!



  3. LOL I love all these build threads. 2V Mustang owners gettin' 'er dun :rock:
  4. Where did you get the teskid block from?
  5. also..if you are still on the fence about meth kits, look into DEVILS OWN. Kit was a breeze to install and actually looks good!
  6. Got it from a friend, paid $150 bucks for it :D

    Thanks for the tip, going to check it out!
  7. Long block done, time to stab this back into the stang!




  8. $150????? I hate you :)
  9. going into the car this sunday!!


  10. Not bad for 4 hours of work, next up.... turbo time!



  11. So you definitely doing meth? Eric G. didn't used to like it. Then he saw how well my car runs after he finished with it, haha.

    And as Modular2v said, Devil's Own is a good kit. I have an AIS kit that is nice as well. IIRC, they two kits have the exact same components (pump, tank, nozzles, etc.).
  12. I too like meth after seeing what it did for your ride. Big jump in performance at the track where it counts! BTW the stang is up and running, ready for its base tune!


  13. Looking to order new shocks and struts for the car, not sure what set to go with.

  14. I have the Tokico HP blues, and honestly, I'm not a huge fan. They do the job, but are very stiff.
  15. Hmm, guess I should just get the Lakewood 70/30 drag struts and 50/50 drag shocks:D
  16. On the dyno now, break-in tune, first pull 400rwhp / 469rwtq on 10lbs, 13 degrees of timing, and AR of 11.15 AFR at the top of the pull.

  17. Nice. Sounds like it's gonna make some nasty power. Still got a lot left in the boost, timing, and AFR.
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