The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by reenmachine, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. :cheers:

    Now get use to the long nights without :sleep: It's all worth it though.

  2. congratulations:)
  3. OK -- back to work!

    I got the modified cluster housing back from the powdercoater today and put the thing together. It came out too good -- I'm going to have to start selling these things. I've got a bunch of old clusters and I'm ordering a pile of gauges to start production. Standard '67 with a mechanical speedo for my fastback is next.





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  4. Just Gorgeous.

    (Misha and the Gauges)

    You'll love being a daddy - I'm impressed you found the time to work on the dash panel at all...
  5. Cluster looks great!!!! I'd order a couple. Let me know how much and how soon. Kid looks great too!!! I have one in college and one is senior. It's been awhile since I held any newborns. Good Luck!!!!
  6. Thanks! She'll be a week old tomorrow already....they grow up so fast! :p :p

    There's more info on the clusters in this thread:
    I have had great response and I'm kicking off production immediately.

    Email me at [email protected] for more specific details.
  7. congrats on the baby and as for the clusters...

    once you get production going on the 67 units you should think about producing them for all of the classic mustangs 65-73. Especially since it would be easy to make the ones for 69-73 (3 gauges haha). But as a side option for the 71-73's do the gauge-pac center console gauges to order or what not.

    Just a thought.
  8. You know Reen, you're making me want to sell my 65 and pick up a 67. :D

    Looks good, you might be able to market those through some of the Mustang shops, go big production, and hire me to help you out at the shop...:D

    Ok, you can stop laughing now. :rlaugh: You're car is definitely going to be a drivable piece of art. :hail2:
  9. First post here! Outstanding work on the Stang! Would love to see it when its finished.
    I bought a 67 GTA fastback last year and I'm still putting the plan together for my resto. Suspension is of course one of the big questions. I've looked at the Hiedts IRS & IFS, but I'm still on the fence. Half of everyone I chat with tell me leave it alone don't mod it. The other half tell me don't worry about it just do it.
    How do you (Reen) and everyone else feel about it?
    Thanks for posting some great info. I enjoyed reading your post.
    I have to ask, did you ever have the chance to look at CTM's IRS? If so what did you think about it?
  10. Ask ten guys that and you'll get eleven answers. If it is an original non-molested and authentic GTA I'd keep her stock, particularly if it had a K-code or was loaded up with options. I'm choping mine up but it was a lowly 289-2V/C4, even in convertible they made quite a few of them.
  11. Thanks! I'll certainly be making the show rounds when it's done, so maybe you will.
    Well, it's pretty obvious how I feel about chopping up cars, but this one is a T-code (6-cyl) strippo machine. The fastback I'm doing is a C-code non-GT. I must admit that there's still a bit of purist left in me as far as cutting up a rare car goes. However, I really wouldn't put a GTA in that category unless it was a K-code or 390 car. I dunno. No definitive answer here.
    I've always had mixed thoughts about this one as well. It looks pretty neat, but I can't help thinking that if it were any good, Ford/Shelby wouldn't have shelved it. It's dern expensive too -- they say about $7500 average. I've been partial to the 03-04 Cobra IRS lately, and I'm about to put one in my fastback test mule next week.

    BTW, I am actually still working on this convertible even though I've been slow with updating this thread lately. I've been tied up making instrument clusters and working with the Cobra IRS.
  12. A test fit of the new cluster looks killer! I've made a harness for it that plugs right into the Painless harness.
  13. From the rear it's really starting to look like a car. Everything is pretty buttoned up back there and the only missing detail is the exhaust. The reflection shows how straight the body is.

  14. This thing is looking sweet!
  15. I'd be scared to drive it - too gorgeous, too perfect.

    Good work, man.
  16. The car is looking very nice reen...

    Rt666 I just noticed your sig. The cars name is Black Sunshine :nice:

    I call her Sinister Stang :flag:

    I consider that a theme song :cheers:
  17. Cheers! I'm a big White / Rob Zombie fan from around the Astrocreep days, when music plain rocked, and I love Mustangs, so I found that song extra lovely. I've seen the film clip for Black Sunshine once, and I'm sure it was a coupe, should have been a sporty imo :D

    Anyway, enough threadjacking from me.

    I wouldn't be scared to drive it, but I'd have the best insurance I could find lol.
  18. Here's what's been slowing me down on the convertible lately -- getting some work done on the ol' test mule. It rides, handles, steers, and stops like a new car now!






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  19. THAT IS NO EXCUSE!!!!!!

    You lucky bastard
    I'll be there someday, after 12 years of college.