The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

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  1. Pete,

    Thanks for all the help the last couple months. The Gbar is in, the car is painted and just doing the little things now. I have a question about seat belts on your build. I took your lead and am putting in the fox light bar from CDC. (I can't believe I actually found them since they no longer produce them.) I also want to put 3 pt belts lin and am a little unsure how the upper attachment point on the B pilar is going to work. I also have the Shelby interion panels and want the whole mechanism hidden from view. Do you have a picture of the upper belt mounting point or remember how you handled this? Thanks AGAIN!

  2. Hey Darreld-
    I can't find a pic for some reason out of my 1000+ pics of the build. :nonono:

    The inertia reel was mounted to a reinforced area behind the door in the area above where the rear window crank would have been. Everything was concealed by the large Shelby-style interior quarter trim panel. The belt exited through a horizontal slot near the top edge of the front face of that trim panel.

    Ha! I guess this thread can still be useful after all this time. It's pushing 100,000 views!
  3. Thanks Pete. The car is getting the new fabric top today and I think we have a game plan on the attachment point. After the top is done we can go full speed ahead on the bar. Just need to see about clearance. I would hate to get it in and then not be able to put the top up.
  4. Helllllooooooooooooo

    Lost of folks still checking out this thread. I know I've been quiet for quite some time.

    What's up? :SNSign:
  5. Ya Pete, way too quiet! Maybe you should give us some updates on some of your latest projects. I have been checking them out on your site and I think everyone here would be quite interested in what you have been up to.
  6. nothing like digging up an old thread, but one thing I never saw explained was how you did the work-around for the pats system. I have heard you can get a programmer to disable it, I just wondered how it was done on this project. Helluva nice ride, I applaud all your work.:hail2:
  7. I guess there was a reason I didn't explain it at the time...:rolleyes:

    Piggyback chip in the ECU with custom tuning.
  8. Resurfaced!

    I know this car has changed hands a couple of times over the last few years and I lost track of it.

    Out of the blue I just received an email from the new owner of the car, who says it's still awesome and still going strong! Apparently it's here in Socal so hopefully I'll get to visit it at a show or something this spring. :nice:
  9. Wow I can't believe it's been years! I remember when it was being built, like it happened yesterday. It is good to see it still in the hands of someone who appreciates it, especially considering its uniqueness.
  10. That is one beautiful car Pete!!
  11. hi Pete, long time...
    since my last post, i've moved from Ohio, changed email addy, lost password, etc... i was known simply as chromedog, i'm now chromedog65. anyway, upon your recomendation, and spotless reputation, i just ordered a new hood for the old chrome pony from (you guessed it!) K.A.R. auto group. I just couldnt stand the issues i had with the old one any longer. from the interference with adjoining panels, to the bowing in the center, i'd had enough. long story short, i would like to put in a shameless plug for all the wonderful people at K.A.R. George and Kevin are awesome to work with, and they both made my buying experience a delight. I will recommend them from this day forth!

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  12. Just checking in! Amazed that this thread is still stickied and pushing 200k views!
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  13. I've always enjoyed this thread along with the galleries at your site. And since I'm on the subject, I'd love to see what happened with the bullet tribute and any other projects. No pressure, of course.
  14. Its kinda hard to see the details of the picture with a watermark on it.
  15. Saw Pete's car listed in the local Craig's List for sale. Somewhere along the line an owner added a blower and some big dollar audio equipment. Car still holds up, was a great build to watch on this board.
  16. What craigslist? Link? I've known exactly where the car is for years now so if it's on craigslist it's most likely a scam, which has happened several times that I know of.
  17. Hey-oooo! Randomly crossed my mind to check in. Anyone still around?

    I still know the whereabouts of the car. It sold somewhere around the timeframe of that last post to a buyer I know well from back in the day. He enjoyed it for a while and then the guy he bought it from talked him into selling it back!

    Before the sale to the buyer I knew, I got to go visit the car to give him an assessment of its current condition. It was showing the expected wear and tear from having been driven a LOT (I was so glad that it wasn't a garage queen) but otherwise was still kicking hard! The supercharger really turned it into a beast and the streetability didn't seem to suffer.
  18. I was very blessed to be able to buy this car from the owner in California, the car is now located in Lancaster SC and is about to undergo a "refresh" as stated above the car has been driven and now has about 18,500 miles on her and has passed the true test of a custom build in that it has proven to be everything described above and is reliable, the car now has a booming sound system, supercharger , i am swapping out the high back seats for the original "Shelby" low backs the new seats are "heated" the car is getting new carpet, paint refresh, undercarriage detail, new emblems and chrome where needed to bring it back to its former show car glory, the car has no rust dings or dents and has been kept indoors. This car will be for sale again in the near future . First though it will be on display in September 2017 at mustang week in myrtle beach SC.
  19. if anyone has any suggestions as to what kind of wheels and tires would look good on this car, I welcome you to participate in helping me find a new look, If you think the wheels and tires that are on it are the best ones possible please let me know that as well. I am planning to post pictures soon, OR if you have any upgrade suggestions to anything on the car , I welcome your input. there has been a lot of new technology come out since 2007 and its time to give the old car a refresh.
  20. Well daddy, I do not know what you have on it now but I've always been a fan of the Hallibrand design. They are at home on Cobras but looks great on Mustangs too. Aftermarket copies are available in bigger sizes, I've even seen them with working knock-offs, the ones in the picture are just center caps that look like them.