The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

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  1. Man Reen that looks SO great I just cant get over it!!!! I wish I had gone that route and not listened to others that say it does not work good....thats what I get! Pics of the IRS soon???
  2. Hey reenmachine

    I must use a classic line from a great movie.

    "NICE BEAVER" :nice:
  3. Reen's car or BB avatard?
  4. Can we get a sticky for this thread too? Awsome project you've got going there!
  5. Reenmachine,

    Looking at the pics you posted of the fuel rails, it looks as if you may have them on backwards. It looks like you can flip the rail (put the current front opening on the rail toward the back of the intake). If you did this, the mounting brackets will be mounted on the inside of the rail and it looks like they may line up better with the mounting holes in the intake.
  6. Good call, i was just gonna suggest that. it would look cleaner anyway with the bolts facing away out of sight. :banana:
  7. Doesn't work that way. C'mon guys, give me some credit!

    I went back and forth with the Aeromotive tech guys and apparently my intake must have come from a lot that doesn't have the same rail bosses as the one they designed the rails around. It basically ended with them asking me to let them know what I come up with so they can incorporate the fix into their kit. I modified the mounting brackets and they work now. I'll post pics later on.
  8. Hi Reen,

    Looks like you will have to make a new bracket. It appears (at least from the photos) that after you bend the tab, the current mounting hole will end up off center (to low). Also, in order to get the bolt to seat properly, you are going to have to make some kind of modified washer to fit over the top.

    But, I am sure you will come up with something pretty slick. Post a photo when you are done so that we can see the final fix.

    Also, the things you are going through (electrical and fuel system management) were some of the reasons we approached our project in the manner we did. When I looked at the work required to get the harness modified, I kind of freaked out.

    How are you going to resolve the ignition/security issue???

  9. Just a small bend to the brackets made it work perfectly. It was fairly clear from the beginning (if you had the stuff in front of you to look at) that this would work, it's just that I didn't expect to have a problem like this from Aeromotive. So, I went through the paces to make sure there wasn't something obvious I was missing first.

    As far as the electronics go, I think I have a slam dunk. Remember that I said that because I'll probably regret it in the future! :p :p I'm not reusing a single wire from the factory harness. Yes, everything will still be mass-air, CA emissions legal, Ford-serviceable, EEC-V, etc. All of the stuff is on the way and that will obviously be the major project over the coming weeks. PATS supposedly won't be a problem.

    A couple of pics of the fuel rails:


  10. Hey Reen,is that your compays suspension kit?? If no who do you use? If so what does the tubular kit run?? I looked around the sites but I could not find it.
  11. If you're talking about the front suspension, it's the Heidt's deluxe.
  12. Hi RM,

    From the angle I was looking at, I thought the edge of the bolt would be right up against the fuel rail, but seeing the finished install, I can see that that was not the case.

    So... From the sounds of it, you are going to have to wire the project from the ground up yourself. Is that right, or can you get some kind of aftermarket harness that will get you at least started in the right direction???

    I was facing the modification of the Cobra harness and that was a really intimidating proposition. The PATS was going to be a nightmare. Everyone I talked to said that there was no way around it. The logic was in the computer system and there was no known over ride.

    Good luck with the wiring. I look forward to seeing your solutions to the issues that will arise during assembly.

  13. Cool,thanks I have been looking at the Heidt's after you posted the pics I think that is going to be a "must have"!!
  14. Hi RM,

    Just curious, how long is it???

    From start to finish I mean. When did you start and when will you finish. My project is going to be just about 1 year when complete.

  15. That's about what it will end up being with this car as well, and that's pretty typical of a major project in my experience. It was at the paint shop longer than anticipated and I had a couple of other projects (for customers, test car, etc.) along the way.
  16. Check it out boys -- got the engine and tranny in (hopefully for good) today! All that remains to finish the drivetrain is to add an aluminum driveshaft. I was planning on calling Inland Empire Driveline. Anyone have any other suggestions?



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  17. Suggestion - carbon fibre driveshaft.

    EDIT: The car's looking very good too!
  18. I'll check that out. I used to have an '03 350Z that had a CF driveshaft, and they're not actually that much more expensive than a good aluminum one if I recall correctly.
  19. Nice!!! Carbon shaft REAL nice!!!!