The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

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  1. Nope. Also, Heidt's now offers 5/8" shorter control arms (narrows the track 5/8" per side) to accommodate other wheel and tire sizes.
  2. Sweet! Thanks again! BTW why dont this thread rate a sticky??????????????
  3. Got the NOS 2000 Cobra R IRS here and got it into the customer car today. It'll all come back apart again to clean it up and make it look brand new. It's NOS, but has been sitting around for 5 years so there's surface rust on the bare metal parts, dust all over it, etc. I also have to remove the aluminum uprights and do some very minor machining to make them work with the 13" big brake kit I'm putting on.





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  5. What is different about the Cobra R's IRS and the regular one?
  6. There are some notable differences throughout the years:

    1999: 28-spline axles, 3.27 gears, soft rubber bushings

    2000 R: Massively more beefy. 31-spline axles, exotic 3.55 Girodisc hydro-mechanical posi unit, improved CV joints, improved camber adjustment, hardest bushings of any of the IRS units. Reduced wheel hop.

    2001-02: Basically like 1999 but with a small axle improvement; axles are 31-spline on the inside but still 28-spline on the ends. Gears are 3.27:1.

    2003-04: Much more like the 2000 R unit. 3.55 posi (but not Gerodisc), 31-spline axles (a bit shorter), hard bushings (still not as hard as the 2000 R), improved camber, improved bump steer.

    info from the DVS Restorations website
  7. awesome car!! I have a dumb question about the rear end. What does it use for upper arms? I only saw the lowers and struts. are the halfshafts supposed to act like an arm? and also on that note with inboard brakes... what happens if you snap a half-shaft?
  8. It has upper control arms,they bolt tot the top of the cradle. Bad azz set up Reen!!!! Keep the updates comin!
  9. I assume you're referring to the red convertible. Yes, the half shafts act as control arms as well. They are designed to do this and can handle all of the loads involved. If one fails, you will have suspension failure on that side manifested as a radical change in camber, but it's built not to fail. There are thousands upon thousands of cars on the road with this design, commonly referred to as a "Jaguar IRS".
  10. I think he was talking about the IRS on the red convertible, not the Cobra IRS above. Now I've mixed the thread all up!
  11. That would be a good thing...who has the power??
  12. My God that is sweet ! Who ever said money doesn't buy happiness was full of **** !
    you ever see what those motors can do on stock cams, intake, and heads with twin 57mm turbos ? How about 700 RWHP, and 595 RWTQ :D
    same set up seen here in a video of a 2001 Bullitt Mustang - just need forged pistons and rods I'm sure he he :nice:
    video -
    more info on the kits -

    how are you doing that front end to run that rack, and pinion / coil over etc.. new K member - sorry if I missed that info posted alredy. Is there a kit for all that ?

    looking for a 68 coupe to adopt, mine is very jealous :D
  13. The front end is a Heidt's MII setup with a smattering of custom and modified parts to make it all fit together. There are more pics of it all on the previous pages.
  14. Got the aluminum driveshaft today -- it looks great against the red undercarriage :p


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  16. Check out this badness....bring on the rear-end collisions! j/k j/k j/k j/k :nonono: :nonono:


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  18. Pete,
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    My point - Please sticky this thread!

  19. What kind of modified parts were required for the heidt's MII?? I will be puting one of these setups in my car some time in the near future. Just wondering if there is any tips or pointers you might point out before I order one up.
    Thanks for the heads up
  20. Reen-

    How many hours would you say that it took to put in the MII front conversion/set up?


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