The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by reenmachine, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Holy smokes!!!!!!

    Awesome...simply...awesome. :nice:

    I really want to start a project like this in the next few years...on a '67 FB.

    Thanks for showin us how it's done. :banana:
  2. Heidt's and Horsepower

    What kind of horsepower do you suppose you could throw at the Heidt's? It seems like the limit would just have to do with whatever you throw in the 9" rear, but do they have any type of rating for the half-shafts or U-joints?
    If it turns out I can actually afford it, (ha!) I'm seriously thinking about an IRS after my floor pans are done. In my dreams I'd like to have a low-compression 351w/408 under the hood approaching 500hp, and supercharge it later if I ever want something extra.

  3. The only mods I had to make had to do with fitting the 4.6. If you're installing a regular small block you won't need to change a thing.
  4. With the car stripped, it takes me about 40 hours start to finish. That's with being really anal about the measurements and every little detail, and spending a lot of time on fitment and surface prep to get nice welds. I could probably do it in half the time and have it function fine, but not look nearly as clean and finished.
  5. Well, it's got a Currie Trac-Loc 9", 31-spline Strange axles, and monster U-joints. The Currie solid axle setup with basically the same specs is rated to 600+ horsepower conservatively, and I bet that this would be similar. The only semi-unknown is the U-joints and halfshafts, and I'm in the process of just doing the calculations myself to be able to answer this question. Heidt's can't answer it -- they just say "well, nobody's ever called us claiming they broke one." :rolleyes:
  6. I'm at the All-Ford Nationals for the rest of the week through the weekend. K.A.R. & I have a tent on Sponsor's Row, so if you're coming out, stop by to BS. We're actually right facing the Ford Racing setup, and the '07 GT 500 prototype is sitting right in front of me!
  7. I saw that at carlisle this weekend It was cool. Sweet vert and great work.
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    Great project - let us know how it drives! :)
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  11. Here's a pic I took at Carlisle -- it's how they do the "GT 500" graphic on the 2007 prototype. I think this is how I'm going to do it on the convertible. A subtle touch of new school flavor like the rest of the car. What do you guys think?


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  12. Nice dude!!

    If it helps, I'm a graphic designer and the font is called 'Eurostyle Bold extended'. If you want I'll set it for you and supply it as a vector graphic. Just tell me what you want set.

    That goes for anybody at Stang net the Mustang font is Called 'Bookman Bold' and if anyone needs anything set I'd be glad to help.
  13. That would be fantastic! Email me and we'll do it.

  14. Got the fuel cell in and it fits perfectly in there. It needed a bit of a trim here and there on the mounting flange but no big deal at all. I got the kit to have it fill from the stock location & I'll take a pic of all that when I get it installed.

    It encroaches a bit on the left exhaust outlet on the valance, but not so bad that it'll be a problem. They'll angle the left side of the cell inwards a bit at the bottom for exhaust clearance if you want them to, and in the future I think I'll opt for that.


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  15. The next big subsystem project is the hydroboost. There are some close clearance points with this giant engine (as you can see) so it's taking some finagling. You can also see part of the cable clutch in this pic.

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  16. Sweeeeeet :nice:

    If I had a spare $150,000 lying around you would be the first call.
  17. It only takes $120k but a $30k tip would be nice if you insist :p :p :p
  18. Cable clutch

    I might have missed it, but which cable system are you using? Any pics of the pedal mounting hardware?
    Thanks.. This is some really nice craftsmanship you have there.
  19. I use the Ron Morris cable clutch conversion. It's the only one that I've seen that uses the original hole in the firewall vs. drilling a new one higher up. It took a little "out of the box" thinking on his part, and it works great. The kit is extremely high quality and comes with absolutely everything you need.
  20. Thanks, I have heard as much on his stuff. :)