The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

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  1. Can you convert to a hydraulic clutch system? It might free up some space...
  2. Reen the extra $30k would be to purchase the option of pulling as much HP/Tq you can possible out of the cobra motor, anything up and above that would be the tip. :D
    again, beautiful work :nice:
  3. I'm in the process of putting together a proposal for a guy for the green '67 fastback to do just that. It's an '03 Mach I crate engine (basically the same as the '00 Cobra engine in the 'vert) with a Kenne Bell supercharger setup. It would be absolutely sick.
  4. when i was looking at this porject i was wondering that if ford had even thought that the mustang would make it this far?
    If they did they musta been some really good enginers lol. jk
  5. Still tackling a few issues with the fitment of the hydroboost unit and the master cylinder, but I do believe I've got it licked. I'd be psyched if the engine were 1/2" more towards the passenger side -- that's my bad for not having the hydroboost in place when I fabbed the motor mounts. :bang: :bang: At the time I was planning on using a system that used a small master cylinder with an electric hydraulic pump mounted remotely, but I decided to go with the hydroboost for a more OEM installation.
  6. be sure you take into account the camming on the mach motor is significantly different... the 00/01 cobra motors have high winding rpm cams, the mach motors are much torquey-er and have lower power peaks rpm wise. be glad you went with a mach motor with the kenne bell, the mach motor tends to go faster in a mustang-sized car.
  7. Good info. I knew the Mach motor was "torquey-er" :p , but that makes sense about it being a more appropriate powerband for a Mustang. The '00 cobra crate engines are all gone anyway, but they have hundreds of Mach motors available.
  8. Been working on the other car for the past few days (the 67 fastback with the Cobra R IRS) so not much new to post about this one.

    A new batch of parts arrived in the meantime. I chose a Lokar foot-operated E-brake lever to match the Lokar clutch/brake pedal pads and floor mount gas pedal. I got the kick panels with built-in speakers -- need to put the driver's side on in so I get the E-brake pedal ass'y in the right place. I also started playing with the power window hardware, which looks like it'll be pretty straightforward. I'm trying this trunk carpet kit from Scott Drake that's black carpet like the interior has, with rigid panels glued to the back of some parts to give the trunk a more modern, finished look.

    We put the car up on eBay to get a little exposure and pump up the traffic on the website. Check it out:
    Reenmachine convertible on eBay
  9. I cant believe this isnt stickied.
  10. Time to poll the audience...

    I wanted to use the Lokar billet foot-operated e-brake pedal in this car. The problem is that if I do, I must eliminate the fresh air cowl vent on the driver's side, and I also couldn't fit the kick panel speakers I want. So, should I use the trick e-brake pedal and nix the vent and the speakers, or use the standard e-brake handle so I can retain the vent and speaker? Where would you suggest putting speakers to get a great sound if not the kick panels?

    I've also thought about using a hand e-brake lever, but it may be too late for that now. I'll have to think about that one.
  11. I like the hand lever idea, the stocker kinda sucks. Have you seen the Lokar hand brake GT350Clone put in his car?
  12. Yeah, I've seen that and that's a great way to go. I just really like this Lokar foot pedal assembly. I think I'm going to s-can the kick panel speakers and the vent, use the foot pedal, and put speakers in the doors (deluxe-style hidden) and on the front sides of the console. There's also going to be a dual-cone speaker in the dash center location, so I think that'll cover it. I'm still open to input though.
  13. Forget the sound system. Let those 32 valves play the music instead :D

    The deluxe door speakers are an odd size/shape, and they are heavilly shrouded by the seats and (not to mention the driver's/passenger's thighs) when the doors are closed.

    My 1st choice would be the hand-brake too.
  14. I would vote for the floor brake

    unless you're going with a console and you need that space. It increases the hooligan appeal quite a bit, and if you're doing a manual tranny (can't remember) it's real nice on hills to have the e-brake to play with on the floor. I know that Frank Bullitt could have used a floor-mount e-brake driving around SF. :D
  15. Go with the hand brake. Much sportier looking too.
  16. Hand-brake every time - I mean, how many feet do you Americans have to warrant four pedals in a car...? :D
  17. Sorry to back track, but a few posts back there was a mention of GT350Clone's Lokar hand brake.
    Are there any links to pics as I would be interested in going that way myself.
  18. do you have a gallery of te car?