Fox The Road Less Traveled: To Wide Body Modify, Or Not.....

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  1. Cut it up! It will only make it more unique, and guarantee you have no clearance issues. Just dont pull a me and decide you are sick of working on it and put it in the corner of the garage.
  2. hmm i thought about doing a wide body on my 96. but what i had in mind was cutting the quarters along the upper body line and extending 5inches . then just taper it back into the doors, and i would also have to extend the rear bumper as well . alot of work lol
  3. Dood, did i ever mention me likes shiney? :D
  4. i would definitely like the capri style flares instead. any good photoshoppers out there?
  5. I tried to install a front tire today to see how bad the front tire was gonna crash into the fender, but I didn't have a spindle nut to hold it together. I'll know something tomorrow.
  6. So... What do you know?
  7. I know I chose to go to the bar, instead of my garage.

    I have tomorrow off,...fully planning on an entire garage day.

    Personally,..I'm thinking I'm gonna end up cutting,..and pushing all four corners out 1.5".
    I'm already building the wooden form to push the quarter out in my head. :nonono: