the scoop on b303 cam with 1.7 rockers

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  1. well guys, what do you think about this setup? take in concideration my below mods, is it a good street setup? and is this the best way to go for me? Thanks!!!!
  2. It not a bad setup. I have it in my car right now. But there are better cams out there, then the aplebet cams. The good thing about the 1.7 rockers is that it takes the b-cams .480 and turn it into a lift of .510. SO you will get more out of the cam. I know this because of this Forumla

    To calculate the affects of increasing rocker arm ratio, use this formula:

    Lift with new ratio = Lift with stock ratio X new ratio / old ratio

    For example, if your stock valve lift is 0.4" with 1.5:1 rockers, and you want to install 1.6:1 rockers--

    New Lift = 0.4" X 1.6 / 1.5
    New Lift = 0.427"
  3. what would be the best camshaft for my setup?
  4. The answer should almost everytime be I dont know for sure. Really need to get on a dyno and get a custom grind. Sure you can get a semi custom by telling a tech want mods you have and they can match it up with what they have. Or you can go with the alphabet Ford cams for kinda good or other off the shelf ones like Lunati or Comp! You can ask here and see if anyone has your mods and see what they have and like or don't like!
  5. i heard it was a good streetable cam, but some people dont like it very much, it seemed to make good power when in my car...
  6. I am just going to go with 1.7 RR with stock cam cause my speed density system wont like much more!! I am 100% street man so that should be OK for now!
  7. about what fuel pressure should i set my regulator at?
  8. I've got a question. I have an E-303 and I am thinking about getting 1.7 rockers. My dilemma is that some people have told me that I will have to change my valve springs because of how much lift I will make. Is that true?
  9. what is your cam lift specs, whatever that is, add .35 to that lift spec and that will be the equivilent of running 1.7 roller rockers.. as a rule of thumb, if your combined lift is over .500, you will need stronger springs.
  10. I run that setup, B cam on 1.7's but mine is advanced 2*.

    Pros: Real wicked idle, sounds much larger than it is. The car visibly shakes from outside. I can do second gear starts almost as well as with the stock cam. I can cruise in the lower RPM's almost as well as the stocker could. Didn't loose the bottom end I expected but once it hits the 4000rpm mark it really takes off.
    Cons: A mean idle means a rought idle, the car shakes which may not be good for all people. It isn't emmisions friendly so when that time comes, I may have to do a cam R&R. The engine has poor cold start characteristics and bogs easily when it is cold. Vaccume is low, brake pedal gets a little stiff unless you are off the gas betweens stops, but not really a problem. I think it may not be good for a daily driver.

    Overall, I like the cam. I'd like a custom or a cam, but I only paid $50 for this one vs. paying $350 for a custom, I'll wait until I get some AFR's or a new shortblock to do the cam.
  11. wow great info as ussual 90mustanggt
  12. b + 1.7

    You can see my set up in sig, fuel pressure is at 43 and is good at wot but slightly lean at 2000 cruise. As was stated sounds awesome and with gear and convertor I have it leaves hard and pulls strong t o 5500 (cam advanced 4 degrees). The reason I used it because I already had it from another project. There are much more tame cams avilable now that make same power. When youre going to change Id get on the phone with Crane and/or Comp and/or FTI and tell them what you have and what youre planning.
  13. yes i noticed my car had a really choopy idle, but i loved it. I thought this may have been becuase of my compression problem i was having. (found that my rings were somehow frozen to the piston when not even sitting for more than a week.) Im getting that fixed right now. Not worried about emissions, i loved the sound and it seemed to make good power, so i am going to keep it.
  14. a B cam is just a basic popular off the shelf cam. There is really no such thing as "the best cam for your combo" its impossible to just pick. You ould literally have to run on teh dyno and keep swapping cams to get teh best results. You got the basic B cam and rocker setup. there should be alot of people on here with it, its not that special.
  15. i personally wouldnt waste my money on an Alphabet cam, but yet again im not going 302/306. But i would still look for a new one (custom, semi custom). Your motor is out right? if so i woulnt go back with the B cam and 1.7s, i would go back to 1.6 and get a sweet cam.
  16. Hey bro, long time speak... I haven't been online besides SN much.

    Anyway the B-cam with 1.7's make good power & yeah there are better
    cam's out there but do you want to spend $150.00-$250.00 for a cam with
    the "latest technology" to gain maybe 10-15 hp? I had two friends one with gt-40X head& one with trickflows that were running 11.90's with that same cam. Just my honest input ;)
  17. i love the sound of it, im just going to have fun with this car, no serious competition or anything.. i should be able to dip into the high 12's with my current setup, and its a daily driver, so i should be happy. I loved the way the car ran. sounded absolutely mean at idle, and felt like i got an extra kick when i hit 4,000...
  18. hey mstang, been wondering why i havent see you lately! been meaning to talk to you about some things, get on aim every once in a while!
  19. I'll be on AIM every so often after feb but I got back together with my wife so right now until we move no room for the PC :p