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  1. With talk of splitting the forum, perhaps I can make peace with the following pledge:

    Herefore I promise to address only issues involving general mechanics and maintenance.

    (I've been here longer than any current poster and have seen the board go into these cycles of dispute before. We have a lot to learn from each other and to divide seems to weaken the content of the board.)
  2. I'm fairly sure that most people on here respect your knowledge and experience SD. Most also know that you are a 'purist' so to speak and respect that. People will always have different styles and tastes for cars, so long as we are all mustang enthusiasts and help each other is all that counts. Personally, I don't think the forum should be split, I like just about all of the classic mustangs. I like mint unrestored originals just as much as I like one with all the latest technology thrown at it. By dividing the two genres it would weaken us as a group it seems.

    BTW, I've been here longer than you. You do have about 10x more posts though......
  3. SuperDave,
    Why don't you just post what ever you want. People can take it or leave it. You're posts are not filled with insults or profanities so why should you restrict yourself?
    Too many sensitive people on this forum lately. I would have thought that most Mustang owners are men. Who would have known there are so many mustangs owned by young school girls. For example, If 100 of us say "cut the dash" and a few say "don't cut the dash" why not just leave it at that. No need to batter the other person into falling in line with your way of thinking.

    Looks like we should have a waaaaaaaambulance permanently stationed here on the forum for those that can't handle another persons OPINION :rolleyes:

    For the record, SD and I have been on opposite sides of many threads, including the dash cutting one. While I do not totally agree with his position I certainly would never want to restrict what someone else posts, in the same way I would not want someone to restrict what I post.
  4. Everyones opinions should be welcome, weather we agree or not. We should be adult enough to respect each others opinions. RAY :nice:
  5. just be yourself Dave,,,, express YOUR opinion and YOUR advice,, if the reader wants to use or take it, great,, if he uses someone elses,, equally great, because he sought advice and was helped by the forum...

    sometimes we need to include the (IMHO) ending on the end of our messages, just so everyone remembers that is just that...

  6. Great statement, SD you should keep on, keep'n on.

    I know this may be jaded but, there is always someone who cant quite get a handle on the concept of "freedom of speech" weather that be here on stangnet or out in the "real world". I mean if we agree, great. If not oh well, we can agree to disagree or either part ways. IMO
  7. SD-

    Slow down... your opinion from what I have read is much needed on all aspects of this forum. Even though we differ in opinions, I'm now doing a restomod. There is still over 75% of the car that is still classic, and I plan to keep it that way. Your knowledge can keep someone like myself from making a mistake that would be very costly and detrimental to the entire project. I for one have skin about a mile deep. I say keep it honest and don't candy coat it for anyone.

    The rest can just cowboy up, put up, or shut up.

    Just my OPINION thought :nice:
  8. Too often, we tend to overexpress our thoughts and feelings and "push" them onto the unsuspecting questioners. I am guilty of it well. Sometimes, we think what we think and crotchity old folks get kind of narrow minded in that way. It has always been said, "it's your car, do what you want." That statement can't be more true. If you want to cut it up, do it. Why should SD care? :shrug: Because he is pationate about the Mustang and knows that a molested car is one step closer to being non-exisient. Maybe it is his personal problem, I don't know. I do know that these cars, like all things, will someday be gone. NOTHING can stop that. 50 years from now, there won't be a single classic Mustang on the road, so.......maybe all this bad feelings and name calling is a mute topic.
  9. okaaay

    Well actually SD, I've been here longer than anyone who's posted so far.

    I don't have a lot of posts because I tend to only post if I've actually got something useful to add. I think that would be a wise policy for more than a couple posters.

    As much as it gets on my nerves sometimes when you try to be the "teacher" here on the boards, you do have a valid opinion. Too many people think their opinion is the "only" right one, which I have been known to be guilty of occasionally.

    It's really hard sometimes to seperate the honest opinion from in-your-face opinion within a text forum and some get offended, they just need to take a powder and chill out.
  10. :nonono:


    Forum, A Public place in ancient Rome,
    Where causes were tried; a tribunial; jurisdiction.

    Defined from dictionary.

    Now that I am On The Soapbox I will voice MY opinion.
    I join in this Forum because it seemed to be a place that one could seek help,offer tips or ideas, share experiances and even the LOOK what I'm doing.

    Not to point a finger at any one person, I have had both good and bad replys,responces and the likes of name calling that should not have been.

    Not long ago there entered a misguided soul that started off with,
    A Personal attack. :notnice:
    And as I politely requested that the Poster refrain or leave.
    Thanks to the watchful eyes that be, it was removed. :hail2:

    This is a Forum that can still be a great place to come for that Wild Idea of what if or HELP it does'nt work anymore.

    There are many Threads here that I have not posted a reply to,
    This does not mean that I have not read them, Just that I feel that i have nothing to say about it.

    And Yes even when Someone wishes to take a bone stock Classic and Mod the hell out of it, I will give them my 2 cents and wish them the best in their endevors.

    Hopefully thats why we all poke or heads in here in the first place. :D

    OK Off The Soapbox Now.


    I feel better :)
  12. Please don't let it rattle you SD, your opinion is your opinion and you are free to express it here as much as anyone else, if not more since you are one of the most longstanding stangnetters with unprecedented credibility...
  13. A teacher is only as effective as his presentation. Might I suggest a lower soapbox so as not to put a crook in the necks of some lowly folks.
  14. I dont think we need a split forum. I read the posts that interest me, and I ignore the ones that I dont find of interest. Usually the problem is that when you ask a specific question, someone will answer with a solution that doesnt really address what you asked in the first place. Thats where the frustration lies for some folks.
  15. We already have a split forum.

    Tech and Talk. If you want to BS and talk about anything in general it is just a click away. If you have something with technical merit, stick around here and enjoy the free education.

    But this forum REALLY needs to settle down.

    I swear, every winter it gets this way. The cars go into the garage, and everyone gets onto SN. Next thing you know everyone is at each others throats. Spring time comes around and life is good again...
  16. Ozsum..had to snicker in the back of the class at your comment...

    I would consider myself an active poster, since I manage to post at least a couple times a week.

  17. :bang: Cabin Fever.
    :bs: will flow down hill when the snow melts.

  18. I'm an active poster. Not an everyday poster because, as Dave says, somethings have been hashed out about a dozen times and I get tired of responding to them. Yeah, this is kind of not fair to someone who is newer, but it keeps my blood pressure down, LOL!!! I don't have a problem with Dave giving his opinion, but he might set up his signature that he's more of a purist than a resto modder and that might let some of the newbies know that he's not bashing them, but he's a crotchity old geezer that's set in his ways, but we love him to death and wouldn't have him any other way. My process of going about things is to get as many opinions and ideas as I can, you tend to get a lot of the same thing sometimes, so its kind of like taking a poll. I evaluate what was stated and interject my own ideas or opinions and weight the whole mess to come up with an objective conclusion. Usually it's a modified version of my original idea, but not too far off base. This process also allows you to avoid a result that I can only compare to impulse buying, if you take some time to think out what your doing, you may talk youself out of doing something that you'll later regret. These theories don't just apply to my Mustang, but my life.
  19. As I see it, the problems arise when sometimes, "more" is offered to a poster than what was originally asked for. To say that someone is stupid, or to imply that, because someone does something a certain way or even "thinks" about it is what causes the problems. I speak from my own experiences. I am glad SD is going to refrain from any "extra" comments. Like on Dragnet......."just the facts."
  20. Your comments offered are well-taken and help me understand that I am perceived differently than is my intention. If I offer advice beyond the question asked it is because I feel the poster doesn't really understand or comprehend the question he is asking. This happens all the time when the inexperienced and unskilled reveal themselves. Do I really need to give examples?

    Quite often, I DO go beyond the poster's stated question. If that's being condescending or "preachy", I believe that it is a matter of perception rather than intent. I am far older and more experienced than most here. I enjoy writing especially since I am retired and currently still recovering from medical problems. The board, along with Tyler's 65, has helped me regain my computer skills. Stangnet has become a focal point to satiate my mechanical interests especially in these dark winter months. I have made good personal friends from all over the country and the world. It could be said that I have received more than I have given.

    Considering the present "tone" and content of the board, it is best that I refrain from further participation at this time. I've done this before and consider the separation beneficial to both the board and myself. If I leave a legacy, it is in the "Timeless Wisdoms" and the belief the humor should be part of the dialogue.

    Merry Christmas! (This marks my 6,000th post. :nice:)