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  1. Don't say that-it'll probably take that long to finally get mine done :p

    Seriously though, that's not funny. I plan on being that little old lady with the really cool old car in the garage, that only drives it on sundays. And that ruins the picture if I can't drive it.....

  2. Yea, but where will you be able to find gasoline? :D

  3. Shh, quit ruining my happy place dammit :p
  4. coming from a fellow stock as a rock, word. your opinion on not cutting the dash (which matches mine) is just as good as the next guys saying "CUT IT!". I enjoy your more mature answers and advice, and i SURE wish youd reply to my probs!!! lol
  5. you people need to leave SD alone and go on. if you don't agree with what he post. then don't read it or respond to it!!! if you have something to add then do so in a nice manner.i for one like to read what he post and i find some answers to some problems i might be having at that time.please stick around SD. i know a few other people will feel the same as i. :spot:
  6. SD, given your current health issues, I believe you need to do what is best for you. If these discussions are upsetting and potentially a risk factor, then by all means take a sabatical and come back refreshed.
  7. And YOU'VE never given any extra comments?!?!?!?

    I think Dave's "extra" comments are perfectly warrented, as are Oz's, mine, or anyone else's, but I think people ought to not take everything so personally and get their panties in a wad over a lot of what's posted on here. People really tend to get an attitude over the 'net.

    I agree with what restomod said. I also agree with what Dave said in that by reading some questions, either the poster hasn't clearly stated that he/she understands the full implications on what he/she is posting and typically does not give all the facts needed to determine the correct answer for the given question. Because of the majority of this type of post, I think people giving the answers usually assume (and sometimes incorrectly) that the poster is not fully aware of the depth of his or her question. But since this is a public forum and not private emails, another forum member (or lurker) that might be wanting to ask the same question, but has less of a knowledge base than the original questioner (is that a word?). I've learned lots of things on here by just reading without commenting on posts, I guess some should try it.

  8. Why not take a dose of your own medicine, and read and (understand) what I wrote? I said, "I speak from my own experiences", meaning I have done it too. I was the first one to point the finger back at myself. I am NOT holier than though.
  9. Ahh, I apologize, I took it that you meant you've been the victim of getting more information than you requested, not giving more. But this is a good example, I wasn't trying to jump down your throat about it, and my original statement to your quote was meant as tounge in cheek. You took it for me to be harping on you about it and you've retaliated in a manner befiting of how you thought I posted about you. The problem with posting it that you can't get the inflectings that you can while speaking. I didn't clearly understand what you were posting, so either I'm a dimdwit, or you weren't clear in what you were trying to say. I'm not accusing you of being a dimdwit, but I can see that I wasn't clear in poking a little fun at you was mistakenly taken as an attack on you.
  10. That has got to be one of the sadest things I've ever read on this forum.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family
  11. every one has the right to be heard on a forum, so im exercising mine. im 24 years old and have been wrenching since i was 14. i have the unique opportunity to be in between genres. i started learning about cars by teachers that are considered "old school" as technology changed, i learned "new school", also. i can appreciate old and new technology for the styling of the old and the functionality of the new. that is what resto modding is. i dont "like" stockasarock musclecars, but i do "respect" them. that is what seems to be missing these days...respect. respect for the elders, others, and their opinions. also missing: common sense.

    if you read something that is wrong, politely correct. if you ask for an opinion, dont feel attacked if you get negative feedback. if you aren't into a topic, ignore it. if you read something that seems disrespectful, don't jump to conclusions. read it again to see if it could be taken a different way. then ignore the common bastard that is insulting you. we have two ears and one mouth. i think this means God wants us to listen twice as much as we talk. this is true for forums too.

    things like this can change the tone of the forum. not you restricting yourself, SD, or splitting the forum. like someone previously stated, we already have split the and tech.

    my opinion...soon most of the old school will be forgotton. i started learning when there were still people around that could teach me to tune a carb. now i can reprogram a fuel curve in with a laptop, too. the old school is basically the fudamentals of our hobby.

    my two cents. thank you for reading this.

  12. a waaaaaaaambulance, lol. that is very funny
  13. This thread really isn't going anywhere. and ironically being non tech based really does belong on the Chat Forum.

    I think there have definitely been a few good points here, that sometimes people are misunderstood when they meant tongue-in-cheek statements and its taken as a personal attack.

    In what I feel are the best interests of the Forum, I'm going to move this to the Chat section.
  14. hmph,

    if this thread doesn't belong in the tech section, i don't know what does. after all, somewhere deep into the thread, someone did mention cutting a dash.

    seriously though, doesn't 'waaaaaaaaambulance' make you at least smile?
  15. Yes it does :D I have previously tried to stay out of this particular subject/thread; because the antagonists are usually much more knowledgeable on the subject than I. When I do know what I'm talking about; I can be as preachey, opinionated, catty and sarcastic as anybody ever posting on these threads - caught myself heading in that direction yesterday with Realmongo in a minor 'jacking of the "Whadja Get for Xmas" thread.

    IMHO, the reality is quite simple: "Opinions are like a-holes; everybody has one and they all stink (except mine)" Those who are passionate about the given subject matter all succumb to that theory (which in fact is an opinion in and of itself).

    The "Stock as a Rock" -vs- restomod issue will always go this way - period. Deal with it like the "grownups" we're supposed to be. Since I'm being preachey and opinionated right now; I'll pontificate on this subject. If I could someday get one in good shape and Stock as a Rock; I'd keep it that way. If the situation is virtually hopeless (Say the K-code missing an enigine and tranny); I'd be the first to restomod it into something that represents my view of "The perfect Mustang" (looks stock but it's much better :nice: ). And, if somebody more knowledgeable than me can reasonably explain why this is wrong, I'll gladly listen.

    Still Dreamin'
  16. Don't know what started this thread...been gone on the holidays, but this is disgraceful. SD has been the mainstay of this forum for a many a long time...hell, he has even given me advise, and I do Mustang restorations!

    I'm sure there will be a #6001 post soon. With all that SD has been through, he still reflects the attitude I respect in a 'teacher'. I'd attend his class anytime....
  17. Opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one, and they all stink.
  18. You forgot to hang "(except mine)" on the back of that quote.

    Still Dreamin'

  19. :) Nope, even mine stinks. I have a very strong opinion, on opinions. Opinions are typically personal preference, and are not always based on fact or actual knowledge of a subject. Advice, however, is the opposite and is usually based on someones personal experiences on a subject/topic. The 2 are sometimes confused, and people tend to use them interchageably. I have always felt that the "advice" I received on Stangnet was almost always useful. So what, I occasionally get info I didn't ask for, or advice I didn't need, and sometimes even opinions that aren't useful at all. Who cares? :shrug: Like everything else in life, I have a brain and can decide what is useful, what isn't, and what I could care less about. I think some people on both sides of the fence are being overly sensitive about the subject. But, that is also human nature especially in our "Politically Correct" environment, where heaven forbid you say anything that might offend someone. :rolleyes:
  20. when i read what others, including superdave, have to say, i consider the source. if sd or ozum or a number of others express their opinion or advice, i usually consider it good, as they have the experience and knowledge to back up that advice or opinion. newbies and the inexperienced on the other hand, especially the ones who sont like being taught new things, show themselves to be what they are, inexperienced and lacking wisdom. this is not meant to be inflammitory, but to open peoples eyes to what super dave, ozum, and others like myself are trying to do, and that is help people who ask for it. often times when someone asks a question they really dont know everything they need to consider. that is where the added information really helps, for those who read it. superdave, keep posting like you do as even i still learn things from you. i am not a stock as a rock kind of guy. i am one who thinks that if you dont like something out of the box, modify it till you get it like you want it. i do however appreciate the effort put into restoring a car to its pristine factory condition.