The SN65 project car

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  1. Well, he said he wasn't changing much on the motor, he shouldn't have a problem anyway, should he?
  2. It is brand new. Part of the "Vibrance" line called "Liquid Metal"

    It is really nice, but requires a LOT of prep, sanding and patience to apply.

    We painted the gas cap (see attachment) as a trial. Pretty cool.


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  3. "I've pondered doing the exact thing you're doing right now..." It appears that great minds think alike. :D

    I am currently using the stock cobra wheels (17x9) but I really wish I could get my hands an a set of Cobra "R" wheels in silver. That would make my day.

    I am using the seats, dash and center console out of the 03 Cobra. The rest of the interior will be 65.

  4. First, if this EVER ends up in a junk yard someone is in a LOT of trouble. :lol:

    We are expecting it to drive as good as or better than the 03. Extending the wheel base should help with both handling and drivability.

    I think we will title it as a 65, but we are going to maintain all the 03 paperwork. We are even going to attach the 03 vin data in a hidden location.

    We plan on taking the car to all the major Ford dealers in the Chicago area and ask for an oil change. "What do you mean the oil filter dosn't fit??? Its just a typical 65 fastback."

  5. Even if I title the car as a 65, most states base emission testing on the year of the engine. Even so, I do not plan on making any changes that will not be passable in all 50 states.

  6. Well, in most states, they won't even look at the motor, they just test levels. But that's irrelevant to the fact that he'll get all SORTS of questions as far as getting it tested. Not to the hell do you explain it to the DMV?!

    Sorry, use the '65 VIN, get it titled (if you need to...i would just because, but in many states you don't need a title for a '65) and get a tag and be done with it. You mark it as an '03 cobra, then you have to get it smogged every year, your ad valorum is a HELL of a lot higher and when you do go to get it the questions. Then there is the factor of getting pulled over (God forbid) the cop is going to look at the title or run the tag and go WTF?! Hell, just imagine that it's sitting on a street corner. A cop sees it and says hmm odd car to have around here, runs the tag and sees '03 cobra?! What?!
    Using the Cobra vin is a disaster waiting to happen, especially given that it will look like a '65 fastback.
  7. I'd say you are wrong there, most states base it off the year of the car. ( I can't speak for IL though.) What they DO base off year of engine, is the allowable levels: the newer, the lower. Most states say that any car older than 19xx is exempt, simply because those cars will basically never pass, many don't have smog equipment, and there is so few on the road that they have a minute effect.

    Bottom line though, it's less questions, and lower ad valorum. The ad valorum for my '68 was $2.13. Go ask what it is for an '03 Cobra. And they are NOT going to base ad alorum off what engine you have, they're going to run the VIN and say here's your tax bill.
  8. Put it my garage, we don't have emissions testing or inspections.

    As far as the paint goes, I don't know if I have a crappy monitor, but that doesn't look like polished aluminum to me, it looks like rattlecan silver. Maybe it's just the angle. Did you look at the Alsa website? I'll have to look at the PPG site.
  9. hey SN65 where in chicago are you from?? I would like to come out sometime when I'm not up here at school and see your car. I remember reading about it in the mag and thought it was aweosme (im talking about the resotred fastback). I would also like to see that project.
  10. Hi Golf,

    I am in the St Charles area. Right next to the DuPage county airport, Phesant Run and Chrlestown Mall.

    Both cars are at:

    Julian's Collision Center
    3985 Commerce Drive
    St Charles, IL 60174

    Look forward to seeing you.

  11. Hummm... How much do you charge for storage??? Before you answer maybe we could work out some kind of cost per mile you drive it package. :rlaugh:

    The photo does not do the color justice at all. the reflections are insainly intense. We were looking at it on a sunny day, picked up the suns reflection and almost went blind. Looking in a miror could not have been any more intense.

    We were very impressed.

    Even though, I will check out the Alsa website.

  12. Just to be clear, I'm not knocking your color choice, it's just hard to see. Alsa has a ton of stuff that's new since the last time I went to the site. It looks like chrome, just like chrome. They also have a ton of other stuff, like some stuff that would look great on the interior, its called "soft feeling paint", it looks sorta like anodized aluminum. They have all kinds of stuff, and things that you can mix to create different stuff. Really cool site.
  13. I am in Oswego and we do not have emission testing ...yet. Regardless title it a as 65 and you will be exempt. The first year they test in Illinois is 68. The only issue you may have is the vin. Where did it go? I have a 68 and we have the window vin, but didn't the early cars use the apron or shock tower for the vin. Neither of those appear to be on the car any more. Good luck and I hope to see that project sometime.
  14. You can MAKE a place for the vin. :)
  15. Hi All,

    Just got news from Hot Rod that the build of the SN65 project is going to be covered in the Jan issue.


    This will be the second car I have built that will get Mag coverage. I hope that they write up a feature article when it is done.

  16. is there some sort of website that we can go to to see more pics of the buildup ect. i am very very interested to see this horse of a different color/shape lol
  17. Hi All,

    Here are some photos of the templates and test plots. Note that reliefs are located at the edge of every fold point and that the holes are located for all the spot welds. No punching required.

    The files have been sent to the laser table. I will have parts back as soon as they can work it into their schedule (unfortunately WORK comes first). :-(



  18. Hi All,

    Here is a shot of one of the K-member frame rail extensions being cut out, and the piece fresh off the table.

    It took longer than I expected to get time on the table. :-(

    This piece will be formed into a channel and welded to the existing frame rails. All of the holes you see in this piece are where the spot welds will be located. We should have photos of the installed pieces ready by Monday.

    Wish me luck.



  19. Hi All,

    This morning I formed and fit up all the pieces required to locate the shock towers. The bodyman should be in shortly to position the laser measuring system so that we can start welding the front structure together. After the shock towers and frame rails are set, I can start welding all the additional panels into position.

    I have been going since 6 this morning. It is 10 AM, I have about another 10 hours to go and I am wearing sunglasses.

    It is time to get this beast rockin.