The SN65 project car

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  1. definitely cool.
  2. I have been planning on doing that with my 65 coupe. unfortunantly money and time has been really tight lately.

    I bought a 65 shell just need to find a newer wrecked mustang.

    I was planning on trying to fit in the newer dash and guages, seats.

    shoot brb, wife needs to use the computer...
  3. WOW. and this is costing LESS than a build-up. do you work at this shop? great idea, can't wait to see it finished!
  4. Hi All,

    Sorry to report that I did not get much accomplished this weekend. :-(

    Shortly after my last post, I broke a tooth. Went dirctly to the dentist. He scheduled me with a oral surgen who pulled the tooth Monday afternoon.

    So... I had a fun filled weekend, how about you.

  5. No offense to any dentist out there, but I hate going to the dentist. Too bad about your broken tooth. Do you have the feeling back in your mouth yet? Great job on the laser cut panels. That kind of work and detail will really give this project the OE look you are going for.
  6. That thing is awesome, while your at it do you want to do mine too??

    Do you work at that shop? I dont live to far away (Itasca) and I would also like to take a look at the progress or even lend a hand wrenching. What days are you up there? if you are there on weekends it would be a good cruise for my stang if its nice.

    Let me know,
  7. Hi Kevin,

    I am here every day. The company I work for rents space in the same building as the bodyshop. Sometimes I am here on Saturday (when schedule allows), mostly early morning. You are welcome to stop by at anytime (7 to 5 weekdays). Just drop me an e-mail so that I can let them know you are coming.

    It would be great if you stopped by so that people in the group can get a report from an impartal by-stander.

    The bodyshop is currently restoring a GTO and a Vet. A Mustang is scheduled for Jan. They just finnished a 69 GT350 that took concorse Silver at the Ford natonals (BTW, the bodywork was flawless, it is just a few tags and lables away from gold). They do incredable work and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

  8. Hi All,

    Here is where things are as of this morning. I have straightened and leveled the frame rails. I have finished welding the primary (forward K-member attachment point) rail reinforcements in place. I have trimmed and fit the secondary (or rear K-member) frame rail reinforcements. Now I have to prime all the surfaces with weld through primer so that when I drive the car in the Chicago winters I won't have to worry about rust.

    I have to temporarily screw this final plate to the frame rails, position the shock towers, bolt the K-member to the rails, set up the laser measuring system to check location, review all the dimensions, review all the dimensions, review all the dimensions.... and start welding like a banshee.

    Wish me luck


  9. I am not sure what kind of budget you have for this project, but have you thought about changing the front suspension from a strut to a SLA type. There are some bolt in ones out there now from Bartworks, and I think Griggs may have one now. If you go to there has been some talk about them.

    Are you going to run the stock strut style or were you going to run after market coil overs and k member?
  10. Hi Wild,

    I was going to change to coil overs, but I have to use/modify the factory K-member. None of the aftermarket K-members will clear the AC or Alt when shifting the engine back 7".

    I am going to have to carve up and fuse two factory members together to get the results I want. I will lighten the assembly as much as poss. I will post photos when I am ready to make the modification. I have to utilize the un-modified memeber to confirm chassis alignment.


  11. Hi All,

    Here is the fit up as of 6 AM. I have the K-member bolted in to confirm the alignment of the relocated mounting holes, etc...

    Today, I will confirm everything dimensionally and start welding.


  12. Hi All,

    Just finished up the pass side frame rail. :)

    Now I start on the driver side. :-(

    Will this ever end..... :bang:


  13. Silly question...
  14. Hi All,

    I have finished both lower frame rail assemblies. The detail photo shows the rear K-mamber attachment point.

    Now on to the upper shock tower area.



  15. SLA stands for Short Long Arm suspension, an example would be a mustang 2 front suspension, it uses a shorl top arm and a longer bottom arm, this way you can design how you want your camber curves to act.
  16. Hi All,

    We are STILL getting ready to weld the shock towers in place. We have bolted the K-Member back in place (this time with the wheels mounted) and set the fenders at their approx location. This is an important step so we are checking our measurments and assembly plans over and over again.

    Note: We will be dropping the car about 3" from its current height. The wheel opening will be relocated up so that the top of the flaired opening will line up with the main body line (again, about 3" up from shown).

    Also, we are giving strong consideration to changing from the 17x9 Cobra rims to 18x9 Hailbrand with spinners. This is an important decision and we are having trouble making up our minds.

    Any opinions on wheel selection would be helpfull???




  17. Wow! You've done a lot of hard work there. Looks good. I wouldn't hesitate to send my car to your shop :hail2:

    I saw the aluminum paint at the SEMA Show. I have some pics, I will put them up when I get home today. It really does look like polished or brushed aluminum(there were both at the show), but it's not my cup-o-tea.

    For wheels, Billet Specialties has some nice choices. Fiske does too, but they are pretty pricey(1000+ per wheel :( )

    Again, that is some really awesome work :hail2: :flag:
  18. Wow that is really coming together. Awsome trick stang project you got there. Keep up the great work.
  19. I'd go with the Halibrands or something that looks period correct, albeit in a plus size. My .02 anyways.