The SN65 project car

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  1. if you're going for original look i'd pass on it.
  2. I dont care for it to much either, if he wants the late model fender flare, tell him to buy a late model car. I think it would be awsome if nobody could tell the difference frome this car and any other 65 66 mustang from the outside.
  3. I kind of like the way the new fender looks on it, i think i would need to see a bigger pic though and a before pic too maybe... but i do see all the others points as well, after all you are going through all this trouble to make it look like a 65, you don't want things to look unusual and tip off its not real, unless you want some subtle hints like that... so im kind of on the fence too
  4. Yeah, what he said!
  5. I like that flare. But not without any other body mods. To use the flare and keep the rest of the body stock looking I'd smooth out the crease.

    Nice project BTW. I don't normally check this forum on a regular basis since my ride is on hold while I work on my house. But with you making progress so quickly and keeping us posted I keep coming back. :nice:
  6. Ever since I sold my '99 Cobra, I have thought of the same thing. If you don't mini-tub the car, I like the idea of having steel vs. fiberglass flare to get bigger meats out back. You are the first person I know to have mocked it up. I say go for it but do the front too.
  7. i would pass since you want the car to look "as stock as possible"
  8. If you do the front also, how close will the flair be to the body line on the front fender? Also, if you opt for the flairs then I would look into using a Shelby scoop on the side. I think that the scoops would compliment the larger fender flairs nicely.


  9. Hi All,

    Everyone is making valid comments on the flair issue. The problem I am having is that I am going to have to use one type of flair or another.

    The difference between the 65 style and the 03 style is that the 03 has a flat on the outside edge where the 65 pretty much comes to a point.

    The point that Dave (one of the bodymen helping with the project) is trying to make is this....

    Dave says... "When we increase the size of the wheel the flat is needed to help blend the transition from the relatively flat surface of the wheel to the fenders and quarters."

    I kind of understand what he is talking about. I have seen some pretty bad flairs on the early body style. Really big tires with poorly contured flairs that come to an abrupt point. I really do not want to make this same type of mistake on this car. I really want this to look "right".

    I am going to have to sleep in this one for a couple of days. Please express your views openly. You may be able to sway me one way or the other.

    Thanks for all your help.


  10. yeah I see your point... I think it would look better with the 03 flair then.
  11. I think you need to get him to do the front flare to see how right it looks before you make a judgement call on the '03 flares. But by adding those flares, your going to make the transisiton of valance work and ground effects work look more natural I think in the effort your putting forth to make it look factory. I could see how the side skirt exhaust would work well here. It would work more with the factory Cobra wheels also if that's the route you choose to take. You've chosen a tough row to hoe, but I think you're making good progress.
  12. I just noticed something else, the rear of that flare terminates about middle of the wheel opening, what's the consensus there as far as filling that gap? If you put the front flare on, will it come down as far in the rear as the rear flare? Any thought of putting the Cobra Rockers on there then? (Probably have to lengthen them) What about the front of the front flare? It will have the same shortness as the rear of the rear flare.
  13. I thought this might help a little. Took the flares off a cobra and photoshopped them onto a 65fb. Not a perfect job but it gives you an idea. Here's the two original cars.



    And the end result.


    I like it a lot. It gives the car a meaner stance, and it looks pissed off :nice:

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  14. that looks wicked. i think it will come down to keeping it original or if ya want it custom.. But i think u should customize the body a bit, since it is a classic body on a modern chassis, ya know what i mean?
  15. When you think about it, fender flares are probably going to be the last thing someone is gonna look at the first time they see/hear the car. I'll guarantee first thing they see is the wheels. If it's a car nut, they ask "is that a 4.6?" just by the exhaust note. If you left minor changes like say the 3rd brake light and the fender flares on the classic shell people would have to look for it and that's kinda what you want. You know, they have to do double takes to spot the differences.

    If you do go with the fender flares, my suggestion is to go with the cobra hood too. That would be the extent of my exterior mods. Wheels/flares/hood and you have to tint the windows, you won't pull it off otherwise.
  16. I think those look WAAAYYYY better than some of the other flares available for the 65/66 body style.
  17. after I have seen the chop and the fact that hes going to put flares on the car anyway I am going with the new style flares. It looks good and its different
  18. Wow - i like the 03 flares! Nice photochop MrBobmarley! :nice:
  19. Those flairs look great :drool: Now you have me thinking about adding them to my '65 coupe. I am already adding the ground effects from Mustangs Plus and I really think that those flairs and the Shelby side scoops would look wicked on my black '65.


  20. Hi All,

    Before I get to todays shots I have to say that you all rock. The comments and suggestions have all been VERY helpfull.


    The PhotoShop rendering has really made up my mind. As someone else has already said, the flairs look downright wicked. Eventhough they will be slightly different on the finished car (attachment point and angle), it gives an excellent idea as to the finished product.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

    OBTW... Thank you. :)

    Here are todays shots.

    We have hung the doors and the trunk in preparation for the removal and replacement of the quarters and rear taillight panel (basically the entire rear end). We need these items in place so that we can achieve the proper gaps around the doors, etc...

    I have a photo of the quarter from the front showing that it (the flairs) will not actually stick out all that far.

    There is also a photo showing the ground clearance at the front of the car. Not to bad. Looks to be about 4 to 4.5 inches.