The SN65 project car

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  1. God, your car is gonna be a work of art man. This is the first car I have heard of that uses the whole 03 chassy and welds the body onto it. Others have retrofitted the parts but never this. Amazing job man keep up the good work!
  2. Hi Golf,

    Thank you so much for the kind words. :D

    Some have said that this has been done before. Like you, I have never seen this done before, but then again, I have led a sheltered life.

    Here is the wheel I am leaning toward. It will give me the classic look I am looking for in a updated style and size (17x9.5).


  3. Those wheels are nice, but IMO they resemble the late model bullitts, and those things are EVERYWHERE. Every gt has them and I've been tired of looking at them for a couple years now. Ford needs something fresh.

    On a classic your choice there would look great, but this is no ordinary classic. It could have a little more flair to hint at what is really done to the car. I'll dig up some pics of wheels later on and post them.
  4. Hi All,

    I was talking to my brother the otehr day and he made an interesting comment. He said...

    "You really don't know what you have gotten yourself into do you"?

    I said "What do you mean"?

    Wayne said "Nobody he knows would ever attempt such a project. First we have cut up a perfectly fine 03 Cobra, which if we screw it up will be a $30,000 mistake. Then we are fitting it to a 40 year old body that has all kinds of problems in and of itself".

    I said that it is just a matter of establishing a goal, picture the end results in your minds eye, doing some preliminary engineering to make sure that your basic assumptions are correct, leave yourself a little breathing room to allow for problems along the way, bite the bullet and jump in with both feet.

    Wayne said "You have no fear, do you"!

    I said that I have plenty of fear, but that in this type of a project you just have to stick with your vision and focus on problem solving.

    His response was "The reason you were able to start this in the first place is that you know just enough to envision the possibilities. If you understood all the possible problems and mistakes that could totally f*@$ this project beyond repair, you would be scared SH!^LE$$".

    I said... "Thats why I have you looking over my shoulder. And besides, if I screw up, I can always blame you. That's what brothers are for". :)

  5. Your bro sounds like my old man, no sense of adventure.
  6. Well, I can tell you, if you were in Oklahoma City, I'd be at your shop helping in any way that I could whenever the wife would let me. You're doing the exact sort of thing that I'd love to be doing and you have access to the tools and facilities to do the job right and the disposable income to make it happen right, I admire you for that. Some of the things that I have seen on here are really great, but you've taken things to a whole new level with this, about the only step up from this would be custom making everything from body bucks and building your own chassis and designing your own suspensions, ala Boyd, Troy, Marcells, etc. I hope you build a website detailing all the steps and processes you're going thru, including the screwups or things that weren't fully thought out that you had to make right.

    Good luck on your endevour.
  7. DAMN!!! That is friggin' cool!! Do you have a website to chronicle your progress? Wow. :D

  8. I think you should go with the Halibrands myself.
  9. Hey SN65 I have been following this on here and SVTperf, It's funny to see how different the opinions are from page to page! I think this is an awesome project and am trying to figure out a time to come over and check it out if you don't mind.(only a 5hr trip :shrug: ) I also want to say thanks for keeping us updated and asking for our opinions on this, it really makes it cool to follow! Keep it up! :nice:
  10. Well, I had some free time so I made these up to give you some kind of visual SN65, hope this helps somehow.

    Here's the donor car for the flares.


    Here's your version with flares and the tt D's in a 17 inch wheel, and yes that is precisely 17 inches because the wheels on the car in the pic originally were 17's also.


    Now I think the car needs more flare (pun intended), so I pasted a few different styles of wheels on it. I have yet to see ANY 65 stangs with any of these choices so any of these would suit the car well. If you have any that you'd like to test on the car just post a pic, I'll toss it on there for you.

    Here's the first with the 03 stockers in a 17 inch, machined/not chrome finish.


    These I think are made by ADR, not positive.


    Lastly I'm not positive on the make, but I think they're Boyd wheels or Steedas, don't quote me on that.


    This should give you an alternative to the ttD's if you're not already set on them. I still don't have a wheel I could choose at the moment myself. You have a lot of eyes watching this one, but it'll look great whichever way you go. :nice:
  11. man i like that last picture of the rims, those look sooooo sweet!
  12. Hi Mr Bob,

    First off, love your music...

    Second, These renderings are just phenominal. I have to say that making this car a reality is going to be a blast. The help I have recieved from people like you, and others I have met on the net, is priceless.

    Third, I am in love with the rendering showing the 03 rims. I was not sure just how they would look but I was floored when I saw the image. Actually, you have shown me that any wheel choice is going to be flattering on this car.

    Finally, I don't want to overstep here, but an image showing the Halibrands would be a great addition to the already impressive array....

    Thank you so much for helping me invision some different possibilities.

  13. You're very welcome. I just wish I could lend a real hand working on it, it looks like a blast. I'll knock up those halibrands and a few others when i get back from work later. I'll also toss up some shots from the side.

    Yea, my music rocks.
  14. Bob, can I ask for a pic? Could you place the late model roof on that classic car? Maybe chopped an inch or two?

    I'd really like to see an 05 model roofline on a 65 but I doubt there are pics available for this yet.
  15. I still think the tt2s or the ttds would look the best. The newer style rims look to trendy on the early cars.
  16. Yea the ttII's look awesome, but then again there's nothing more trendy for the classic stang than the ttII.

    If a manufacturer made the 03 stock wheels with SOME kind of lip it would fit this car perfectly.
  17. sn65 nice nice idea man original u might of just set off a new way of hotrods which hey is fine by me. i'd like to see the look on a advance parts dude and you telling him you need something that only works on a 03 cobra he would be so confused lol keep up the good work man :nice:
  18. Hi All,

    Here is a photo of my daily driver...


    Wouldn't it look great parked next to this one...


    Kind of like old school restomod meets new school restomod. (YahKnowWhat... I really don't care for the term restomod, but it has become such a part of the culture that it cannot be denied)

    I will be posting some updated photos later today.

    Type at you all later.


    PS & OBTW... My driver was in the Jan issue of M&F. Here is a scan of the article.

  19. Hi All,

    This weekend I removed the passenger side quarter panel. It was in really bad shape from a previous accident.

    Anyway... You can see all the hidden corrosion that is trapped inside these cars (blasting will not get to these areas. I will be cleaning all the rust damaged areas and priming with two part self etching primer.


    While the quarters are off I worked up a reinforcing piece that will tie the 65 rockers and upper pillar together with the 03 main chassis cross brace.


    Well, back to work.