The SN65 project car

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  1. Hi All,

    We are getting ready to leave for the Autoramma. As we get closser and closser to the deadline, we find ourselves rushing around trying to complete all the final details. The car is finished save one or two final details. It is the cleaning and detailing that has running around right now.

    Wish us luck.

    Hope to see you at the show.

    Full detailes will be posted next week, or durring the show if I have time and we have access to the net.

  2. POST PICS!!!!!

    Have fun :) :nice: :cheers:

  3. I hope you dont mind but I had to post a few for the rest of the guys, once again it was great talking to you at the show and the car looks incredible in person.
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  4. AWESOME PICS!!!!! get some full body or rear pics in there :)
  5. YES! AMAZING! Nice job, glad to see all the hard work has paid off.
  6. YES! AMAZING! Nice job, glad to see all the hard work has paid off.
  7. Sweet! Looks amazing! :)
  8. Very very nice! Good work!
  9. What kind of wheels are those?
  10. Hi All,

    Just enough time to say that there are new photos at the site. I will be posting an update soon.

  11. Wow

    Absolutely gorgeous!:jaw:
  12. Outstanding Engineered it looks like the plaque says? Congrats guys!!!
  13. Completely outstanding. Great work and congrats. :nice:
    Is the next big showing on the power tour or will it be in more of the National shows coming up in the Spring and Summer? :nice:
  14. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:hail2: Great work!!:nice:
  15. Hi Bob, I've been reading this thread and visiting your site for months now, but have never commented. I would just like to say this is one helluva car you guys have created !!!!!:hail2:

    Having owned an '03 Cobra and currently owning a '65 fastback you have literally created the car of my dreams ! It is absolutely amazing to me what you've done and if I could own 1 car I've ever seen, read about, etc, THAT'S IT !

    I noticed back a page you mentioned Power Tour. Are you doing the whole Eastern Tour ? I would love to see this in person and I will be doing part of the Carolina's and Georgia swing. Congrats ! David
  16. Beautiful car. Congradulations! I too am partial to the cobra wheels but that is very minor. Simply amazing guys. Wow. Thank you for your hard work. You just made my day.
  17. Saw the pics on your website Bob, Look wonderful.
  18. Congrats

    I have been following this thread for the best part of six months and have held off any comments until the car was finished. All i can say now is Congratulations Gents on this masterpiece. It truly is a sensational piece of motoring ingenuity. You guys deserve every accolade that comes your way.

    The only other thing i wish to say is i can't wait to see this in person. I am planning a trip to the States in August to attend a mate's wedding. I hope to do about 6 weeks of sightseeing and would love to call in and see this work or art. I'm sure it will be even better in person.