The SN65 project car

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  1. I just wanted to say that if any of you get a chance, as cool as it looks in pictures it is eleventymillion times better in person.


    It was nice meeting and talking to you at the Goodguys show over the weekend.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Great talking to you also.

    As nice as it looks in person, it still did not have what it takes to make it to the final 5 for SMOTY. :-(

    OTOH, it was nice meeting and talking to Art Morrison. He flat out said we were robbed. And, that it has been years since he had seen such a unique build. Being a chassis guy, he understood the amount of engineering and work required to do what we did.

    We did get the "Ford Muscle Pick". The anouncer at the award ceramony had some nice things to say about the build. I liked when he said "... even though the car is cranking out 640 HP (at the engine), it idles and sounds just like a slightly modified late model". At that point I reved it up and slowly pulled away.....
  3. SN65, you guys did a great job, very excellent quality. I read the article in hot rod, great pictures.

    I do have one question and that is where did you get the mesh for the front grill, is it plastic or steel and do you remember the price by chance?

    Thank you and agian great job.
  4. Hey -- I'll resurrect this ol' thread to say that I just finally met Bob & Wayne at the SEMA show! SN65 is as beautiful and well built as I had expected and it was great to finally see it in person. Sitting in the driver's seat was mind-blowing. You walk up to this '65 Mustang, open the door, sit down, and you're in an '04 Cobra! The two were so tastefully and skillfully integrated that they just flowed together naturally.

    Hats off to the Julians!
  5. Nice...
    Of course congrats go out too on being a 2006 Top 10 Hot Rod Magazine car as well.

  6. Wish I had never seen this. Pisses me off. Why bother building it if you are going to sell it. Makes no sense to me why they put so much blood sweat and tears into this car only to turn around and sell it.
  7. Good luck to them. I'd love to build awesome cars and sell them. I guess they'd have to be rather unique cars to catch enough dollars to be worth it but it'd be fun. I don't think I could though. If I built it to my taste I'd want to keep it, and I don't think I'd be passionate enough to build something that doesn't really interest me much.
  8. To fund another project, perhaps? They may have had intentions of selling it at first, too, so who knows.

    If I built something like that though, it'd be very difficult for me to sell.
  9. Don't forget they are a business. This car generated alot of exposure for them. Selling the car on ebay will generate even more.

    More power to them, good luck!
  10. they are selling it to fund the fire and ice project they are working on now.
  11. the interior is outdated, LOL :jester:
  12. Got a link to the details on that one?
  13. here it is, the structural support he is doing is amazing there is a huge thread on under chassis under a 65 that goes into detail. should pt the sn65 to shame...but they are projects with different goals

    ps i think he said on the site like 140k ish each yikes, speed costs money how fast do you want to go? & Ice.htm
  14. I don't understand the hate, making things to sell (hopefully) for a profit just seems...American to me...oh well.

    If I had a spare $140K burning a hole in my pocket I'd buy it.
  15. Ummmmm, that's what professional builders cars and sell them.
  16. wow.... that sucks it still didnt sell. The car is nice, but its just a mustang, not history...I wouldnt spend that much on the car. Its well known, Im surprised they wanted more than $100k. Troy's cars usually go for around $100k

    LOL..I read the description of the car... $400k invested my *#$#$
  17. Food for thought: He has stated before that he was willing to let it go for about $200-240K. That was in the first round of selling it on eBay about 6 months ago.

    It is a very nice build but it is very hard to get most of the investment back on this type of car.
  18. Yes, in order to pry my butt out of the seat, I am going to need to see about 200 to 250K.

    In regard to Troy getting about 100K.... Let me say :lol:

    Try multiplying that by anywhere from 3 (for a entry level custom) to 7 times. Reports are that the car he finished for the Detroit Autorama was costing about 70K a week... Over 300K in custom machining alone.

    As far as the SN65 "cost" goes, we added up all the costs and the total tab for materials came out to be right around 100K. Add in our labor (about 4,500 hours at 65/hour) and you get the 400K number.

    If you think that 100K is high. Look at the BOM for our current project. & Ice bom.htm

    We are currently at 155K. You subtract the 70K we have as a labor estimate and our current parts cost comes to 85K. Total labor of 70K may sound like a lot to some, but it is actually very reasonable. We are figuring about 1800 man hours at a reduced shop rate of $50 per hour. That gives two techs (Wayne and I) just 6 months to finish the car complete. If you do the math, that comes to less man hours than a typical overhaulin episode. :)