The State Of Talk Lately

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  1. I've been picturing the "oddball question authors" lately as Will Ferrell doing his Harry Carey impersonation. Makes this place a little more comical.

    OP: "HAY! Mah cars not runnin right, wonder what could it be?"

    SN regular: "Well, could you give us a little more infor..."

    OP: "HAAY! I put mah flow masters in downside up."

    SN regular: "Uhm..."

    OP: "HAAAAAAY! Can I get 500 hp from mah B cam."

    SN regular: "Fuuuuuuuu-"

    And so on...
  2. The state of the union lately....
  3. My favorites are:

    Magazine ad says:

    15HP from this catback
    20 HP from these UD pullies
    20 HP from this CAI
    15 HP from this hand-held tuner
    17 HP from these headers
    10 HP from this throttle body
    7HP from these spark plugs
    30 HP from the Boss Intake

    That's 574 HP at the wheels! I think I'll toss some meth injection on for another 50 HP. Can someone tell which one to get?
  4. Cool stickers are good for 2-3hp
  5. My bottom end will not fall out of the cup holder like it use to... :bang::eek::confused::scratch:
    The only thing I changed was my muffler bearings! Could this be the cause???

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  6. ....damn muffler bearings, I'm writing my Congressman.
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  7. should have,left my uclamps on
  8. That's because you ain't certified.
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  9. I've got nothing constructive to say.
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  10. ^^^^^ROTFL!!!!!!!

    today has been a good day, my stomach is sore :rlaugh:
  11. I always enjoy a wave of newbies!
  12. I dont even belong here with my current vehicles, but yet here I am. What you guys say about me when Im not around????
  13. First of all, I absolutely love your ride in your sig, ....that's mad cool, I don't care what else ya got along with that sweet ass ride!!!
  14. Where's the second of all? or the third of all?
  15. a cliffhanger :rlaugh:
  16. Uhhh.....Stupid Ioweegian redneck,.....Why's he even on here now,...He don't have a Fox anything anymore?:shrug:

    Works for me.

    As I recall,....I went through a similar "identity crisis" when I had the Cobra.

    But I'm better now,.....I have the original 4 eye Fox body. View attachment 124563

  17. Maybe we should just put all "less than 90 day newbs" in quarantine then? Then they can infect each other w/ dumb?
  18. The way I see it, there's two kinds of people that come through here - The ones that are here to legitimately hang out, learn, and such. We fall into that category. I've read the "common questions" thread backwards and forwards.

    Then there's the one hitter quitters - they come in all huffy and puffy, don't really care how things work here, they just want their question answered NOOOWWW!!!! And how dare you clowns try and get me to look somewhere that the answer already exists!! They end up storming off all huffy and puffy just like they came in because they didn't conform to our little community standards, and got laughed out. Those are the folks this thread was aimed at.

    I'm guilty of it too with other forums on other topics. Go in for an answer and leave without a goodbye.
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  19. Anyone remember that one guy from a few months ago that came in with his car and was badgering me and a few other guys for a race? Yeah thats those guys that grind my gears i cant remember his name though

    Edit: just looked back through convos and the dudes screen name was DUDNOTCH. lmao that dude was a freakin toolbag.