The State Of Talk Lately

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  1. We all are,....I go to the other places for the same reasons as most new guys do here, but I do try to look first before I leap. The internet is slathered w/ quick answers, and sometimes trying to search through the 50 bajillion threads that come w/ each long termed forum (like this one) takes longer than most have patience for. While I'm typically not the one to offer a first reply to a painfully dumb question, It doesn't help to let the new guy stand outside for days before anybody answers.

    I started here asking questions about 4 banger stuff. When nobody answered after 2 days,..I got all p issy back then too.
  2. I have considered before (though I'm sure that the boss wouldn't like it), putting all tech threads into moderation for 24 hours when they are created by noobs. They wouldn't be looked at, they wouldn't be reviewed. They would just sit there in limbo for 24 hours before becoming visible.

    The reason for that is because 99.9% of questions asked by a noob has been answered. 80% of those answers are found by same noob in the first 24 hours within these very forums. LOL

    I will tell you all what my pet peeve is these days... Zero post wonders that come to this forum just to list their garbage for sale. THAT, I don't mind. The fact that many of them don't even bother to read through the classifieds guidelines (there's a huge banner with a link to it at the top of their page that they can't dismiss) before they post. :doh:

    If they can't do THAT right, then they're definitely not going to be able to browse through a forum to see how it works before shooting themselves in the E-face.
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  3. There's been a few times that you guys almost made me cry but I manned up and pressed on.:(
    What's the fun in life if you can't bust someone's balls from time to time. I was a newbie on here a little over a year ago.
    I still am on a lot of things but I'm not dumb (mechanical engineer for the last 20 years) and I have a genuine love for these cars and the desire to learn. I guess I'm trying to say thanks for the information and I can take your sh#$ as long as you try and teach me something from time to time.:)
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  4. @cdurbin that was well said bud :nice: I just have a passion for these cars as well and I've learned tons from these cats already. Hopefully these guys can put up with my love of the smilies all the time :leghump:
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  5. Thanks brother. I love my Stang, and have been fortunate enough in the first 18 months of owning it to be able to have gotten it to a point where I drool every time I walk into the garage. This Ranger I picked up reminds me of my old foxes, having the Windsor in it. Its fun to be working on a pushrod engine again.
  6. I have had a personal experience with that winner.... According to him, I'm an under His car is currently being parted out, personally if i wanted a soggy hoagie i would just go to wawa...
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  7. Yep... Ur from Jersey alright. :lol:
  8. Noobz,

    When I modded a board years ago it was a rule that all newbie posts were reviewed- usually for the first couple of posts. You are correct in that most of the questions can be found with a simple search of the site or FAQ's. I also made sure they knew if they posted for sale/wanted crap in the tech section that their account would be suspended. Likewise, if they are asking a question, then give specifics if they want an answer- not my car won't start what should I do? There are stickies on the rules for posting and if they don't take the time to read them, then not my fault.

    One thing I like about this site is there is no "lounge" or "smacktalk" area, which is usually occupied by internet retards and toughguys who half the time don't own a car and just want to troll.
  9. That's what the off-topic hangout is.

  10. oh. well in that case...........
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  11. Was he as big of a dick in person as his videos he has on youtube?
  12. One of the biggest push overs you would ever meet. Nothing to say in person at all. Just another keyboard jockey
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    It's as if you described the squeaky wheel like you were a regular there. I quit going there because of a select few inter-tards and a wanna be tough guy who felt the need to threaten me via the internet. (He lives near me and has some serious identity issues.)
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  14. Laser is harmless, winters and ther other ones.....yeah I think they will leave you in a hole in the desert
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  15. I like the SW. There was a sort of falling out with a few of the regulars over there, when a handful of them thought they needed to lead some sort of an internet revolutionary war. It's unfortunate, but there seems to be fewer barn burning brawls since.
  16. about 2years ago

  17. Speaking of which... You still owe me your lunch money! :chair:
  18. BAH! I was hoping you had forgotten!
  19. Damn, has it been that long? I'm gettin old...