The State Of Talk Lately

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  1. now its the same three guys crying abut their vettes, caddilacs and boats. i miss guyblow. he made the place fun.
  2. Sounds like he made the place homosexual. Everyone has their things they say...
  3. Talking about Crane? I still get random texts from him when he blows up something haha.
  4. I joined a few months before he got the ban stick. HAhaha he was always good for a laugh
  5. I got along good with him for the month he was reinstated. He did add a certain "darker" hue point of view to the grey scale version I'm capable of.
  6. yeah. westill text quite a bit. not saying he did.t deserve the ban, but things were definitely more interesting when he was around.
  7. Crane's a good guy (pun), but he lacks any sort of a filter, haha.
  8. Can't you have a "required fields" form or something in the classifieds?

    LMFAO, man! Me too.

    I agree, and I like the guy. @Noobz347 Can we unban him now? At least for a few weeks/months before we have to ban him again? Please?
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  9. We can bring him in every few months to run off the riff raff - kinda like "Il Duche" from Boondock Saints
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  10. @FastDriver

    I don't know the entire history but I'll check and get back to you.
  11. Username shaolincrane or something like that.
  12. Haha, I always thought he was an ass until I got to chatting with him in a couple threads. He wasnt all bad, but never held back thats for sure.
  13. i just spoke with him . hes dropped off tge boards altogether. even the one he help moderate on.
  14. HEY, if the moon was made out of spare ribs, would ya eat it? Heck I would I'd have seconds.
  15. Hmmmm. Ribs
  16. I just wish the moon was made out of Doritos....
  17. That would be lovely