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  1. It's a sade day for the SVT fan's... Well the good new is Mr.Carroll Shelby take the G.M. place on the board of Ford sport division! Right on big boy and welcome in town... Just make the new Cobra the best of all :nice:
  2. so what will happen to SVT stuff? no more? :(
  3. Your link is broken..

    Ok...I hear a lot of blabbing about SVT this SVT that...but NO ONE has offered any SOLID EVIDENCE. No written statement by Ford, nothing.

    To counter your arguements:

    Soo far I haven't seen any convincing evidence, and won't believe anything I read until I see factual evidence.
  4. All those articles say the Lightning has been POST-PONED to concentrate on the says nothing about eithers demise. Maybe I missed something though? I sure hope not. I'll check your PM now.
  5. am i the only one who gets a headache trying to decipher his posts?
  6. No... just look at his signature... that's confusing as well.

    Shelby Cobra 2004 100th Ann.
    Orange Convertible #76/100


  7. Ford always has something up their sleeve. No doubt Shelby has a future involvement with Ford in a couple ways. Here is one article I ran across recently.
    I especially like the little blip about "Shelby Mustang" which has been suspected for a while. So who know what will happen to SVT, but the fast cars will continue to come.
  8. Don't forget guys that the L was postponed for 4 years in the 90's also. Guess what. SVT stayed around and the L came back as a monster. Also with the GT in Fords lineup they can't add the L because it would most likely put fords CAFE average below the federal standard. The GT goes away in 2006 and the L comes back in 2007 at the earliest. Makes sense to me that they would keep the L out until the GT goes away just for that reason alone.

    Also Shelby is OLD. Once he dies that’s the end of having and "Shelby" made car because they won't have the mystique after his death. I doubt Ford will 86 it's well known and respected performance segment for a venture with Shelby that may only last a few short years.

  9. The King of the Road Cobra Shelby...

    I eating Ferrari for dinner and Viper for supper!

    Or his quote.....

    *Edit nevermind....I guess the package makes decent power 450rwhp.
  10. i know they are working on a shelby expedition which will costs like 100k. it will have the ford GT motor in it and topping over 500hp/tq!
  11. Wrong! What do you think, Carrol Shelby builds the cars himself by hand? LOL! He doesn't build these cars himself, anymore than Enzo Ferrari builds his, or Ferdinand Porche builds his! Shelby American, or whatever they call themselves today, will most likely continue to build high performance cars long after Carrol Shelby is gone! And that's who Ford has entered into a partnership with, the Shelby COMPANY, the man is mostly just a figurehead, and a spokesman.
  12. I never not once noted that he had any part in the build of the cars but he puts his name on the products and approves and disapproves the designs. Once he's dead that’s it for the company. It will be much less desirable. Ferrari was a MUCH bigger company and had accomplished much more than Shelby had by the time he died. Shelby doesn't have the legacy that Ferrari had and never will. Why do you think Ford entered the agreement with the Company? Because Shelby still runs it. I would GUARANTEE YOU that if he had died 5 years ago you would be hearing none of this partnership because it wouldn’t exist.
  13. I agree :nice:
  14. I just want to know one thing...what the HELL does this:

    I eating Ferrari for dinner and Viper for supper!


  15. Don't worry, your not the only one :shrug: Half the time I think he forgot to take his medication. :rolleyes: