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  1. Im soo sick of hearing about how svt is dead. they are not dead, they are dormant, and this is not the first time. EVERYONE JUST CHILL OUT
    1-2 years from now everyone will be talking about the new cobra! built by SVT!

  2. It's ok guys. I thought the same thing until I saw he (CarrollShelby ) was from Canada. Just think what it would look like if we were 12 and trying to type in French on a Canadian messageboard.


    Try changing your quote to " I eat Ferrari's for dinner and Viper's for supper."

  3. Who are we to question the mighty Caroll Shelby though!

  4. personally, i eating chicken shake and bake for lunch and Kraft dinner for supper.

    So if we are guaranteed a new cobra, the only question is what will the powerplant be in the new cobra? (and what hp?)

  5. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. Thank's for the tips... I'm french Canadian and english is not my born language!
  7. yeah yeah

    This is a bunch of BS

    im sure there may be changes because of the way the stang is built and I think where its built, but there is no way that ford would scrap the SVT program entirely. Its made them too much money.

    The only rumor I have heard...well i dont think its a rumor ...i think it was actually stated by Ford...IS that the Cobra will become more exclusive..more $$$$$ and be up there by the vette..

    In that case this rumor about SVT being shut down just may be a test to help Ford decide how much us fanatics are willing to blow on a Cobra.....To see how hooked we are on their crappy product (love my car but quality sucks) and we are playing right into their hands.

    Im happy I bought my car when i did....
  8. Do people not realize that SVT need X amount of time to develope the new cobra because it is the first new mustang since like forever haahh
    give them some dam time and be patient! the 03/04's are more than good enough to keep you all from killing yourselves
  9. 78 venom you sound like you maybe be right on. please be wrong, because honestly id be more than upset if they get rid of svt. i wanted to actually work with svt when i get out of school. working with colletti would be a dream come true
  10. Here you go straight from Coletti.
    Ford SVT Lightning Update
    By: Mike Magda Posted: 11-02-04 19:31
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    The director of Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) steadfastly denied that the Lightning pickup has been killed.

    John Coletti said some media and enthusiasts have interpreted the group's decision to postpone work on the next-generation truck as meaning the program is cancelled.

    "That's simply not true," said Coletti, who spoke with at the Innovations Day luncheon, which kicked off Ford's participation in the 2004 SEMA Show in Las Vegas on Nov. 1.

    "It was a business decision," continued Coletti, who was a panelist along with such legends as Parnelli Jones and Carroll Shelby to help commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. "This was almost like a perfect storm. There were a lot of things that hit us simultaneously and now it's just a matter of us getting back in step."

    Officials said that switching to next-generation platforms of the F-150 and Mustang hit too close together for engineering to proceed at a timely pace on both vehicles. Also, the plants where the vehicles are to be assembled have changed and acclimating the procedures and parts to a new workforce would have stretched the SVT team too thin.

    "We're trying to find a slot that it [Lightning] makes sense in," continued Coletti. "The current slot just didn't make business sense so we're going to go back and reassess it."

    "A lot of people are taking it to mean a stronger word than postponement, and we're here to say it's just a postponement. But the customers will get the truck they're looking for."
  12. Bill Ford is too much of an enthusiast IMO to let the program go. He will find other places to reorg than to cut out SVT. BTW where is your source? Where is your information that Bill Ford is reevaluating the SVT division right now? If Coletti new this we wouldn’t make statements like that. We would just keep his mouth shut.
  13. He will have the final say though. Trust me if he wants it to stay it will stay.
  14. I guess if they do away with SVT I'll just be back to my roots buying GT's and modding them. :shrug: I'll live. Also there are a ton of used 5.0's that are clean and with a fresh crate motor they'll hang with or beat a lot of SVT's. Don't get me wrong, I love my cobra and I'm glad I got one when I did, I just think the next generation of SVT's will be cost prohibitive for a lot of enthusiasts.