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  1. How do you know if the cobra will be "dumbed down", what is your source. you know nothing more than anyone else. There is a chance that the cobra will be outsourced to shelby or roush. I bet you there will be another svt lightening and cobra. you just watch and see. Does it make any sense at all for them to come out with a brand new mustang, possibly the best ever and then not even offer an svt cobra! The mustang brand is stronger than ever making alot of people alot of money! But I understand that there is a chance it will not be an SVT cobra, which would be terrible for ford and for all of us. whether you think so or not, its true.
  2. And where did Ford state this? What your source?
  3. how come he keeps editing his posts?
  4. Bill Ford is the guy that greenlighted the Ford GT because he knows what a performance car can to for the company's image and improve sales accross the board. Somehow I don't think he's going to kill SVT. There has been some talk of merging SVT with another advanced engineering division within Ford, so maybe that is what got this started.

    As far as the product line goes, both the Mustang and the F150 just went through major redesigns. It wouldn't surprise me at all if SVT waited a bit while all the bugs of the new models got worked out.