Progress Thread The Tale Of Elsuperpinto ( Now With More Excuses And Memes! )

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    The truth is, right now, I just ain't feeling it.

    For the first time in my career, I'm getting my fix/fill at work. Last night, I did a shock and LCA on a 2008 GT500. That's the third GT500 I've worked on and driven in the past month. Last week I worked on a stickshift Porsche Boxster and got PAID to drive that **** on the empty streets of Austin, Texas at 2am. I GOT PAID FOR THAT :poo:!!!

    Sure, there's a lot of Corollas, minivans, pickups, and Hyundais in between, but I'm getting to work on a lot of really cool :poo: and drive it tok four nights a week, so these days I get home, look at the Mustang and Capri (it's apparently mine now, long story), and I'm like "**** it".

    Throw in that for the last several weekends, either the weather or family drama or exhaustion has taken over and left me with no time to deal with it, and they've just sat. The II isn't going anywhere, it's paid for, it runs and drives, it's registered, and I take it at least around the block every couple weeks and change which direction it's facing so the nosy **** next door doesn't try to turn me in to code enforcement for a non-running vehicle. The Capri isn't going anywhere either. It's in the garage, it's safe, and it's buried under a metric ****ton of my dad's junk so nobody in their right mind is even going to try and mess with it (between the II's hidden start button and complicated shifter, they don't mess with it either).
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  3. I can relate man. You will get back around to it when you get back around to it lol.
    Until then-I'll keep asking powder coating questions and add the occasional meme
  4. Big plans for today... and it's raining. Was going to yank the pulleys and brackets and drag the powdercoating equipment home and coat them while I was doing gun parts and knock-off Yeti tumblers. Maybe next week.
  5. Slacker.... ;)

    Just kidding!! I was going to swap the rear brakes on the wife's daily today but it was raining here as well. So I went back to bed to gear up for my night at work.....
  6. Forecast for this weekend looks great... Meaning I'll get drug into something or be so tired from this week's nights at work that I sleep most of it... We'll see. Got some AR15 parts to powder coat on a deadline, and want to do the pulleys and brackets on the II while I have the equipment at the house.
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  7. So... got home from work Friday morning, and since the II wasn't blocked in for the first time in over a month, I went to drive it...

    Dead battery.

    Can't find my Battery Tender in the garage, and so exhausted that my give a damn's jammed, my give a ****'s stuck, and my give a :poo: done quit. It also rained yesterday and is supposed to today (what the hell? I thought this was Texas!).
  8. WTF? I came in here for memes. :notnice:
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  10. So... umm... charged the battery... and umm... drove it! Yeah, so I've got that going for me, which is nice. A few more drives and I'll have the fuel level down to nothing in the fuel cell and it'll be time to swap in the stock tank.

    I'm also looking at a 2002 Mazda Protege (with a stick!) for a beater car to save on gas over The Pig (which I may or may not be keeping at this point). If that happens, there will be more money for SuperPinto-ey goodness.
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