Progress Thread The Tale Of Elsuperpinto ( Now With More Excuses And Memes! )

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  1. But then this thread would end and we just can't have that!! :nono: :rlaugh:
  2. l7uweaum7doy.jpg

    At least the updates have..... :shrug:
  3. In the mean time-Powdercoating. Detailed powder coating :)
  4. Nah, ain't done that in awhile either at this point.
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    Uh oh... The hood is up...
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  6. I like those valve covers, you really need to take it out and knock the cob webs off... :D
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  8. A leaky water pump isn't a big deal.... I'll be sad if you get rid of it and don't post any more updates. Do you want people to be sad? :(


    If you do sell it, whomever buys it has to automatically become a member here if they aren't already.... lol
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  9. He ain't sellin'. He's bluffing. How long has he been hemming and hawing about a new daily to replace that F-150? How many times has he said of a spare parts II, "If only I had the money and a place to park it"? HOW MANY TIMES HAS HE THREATENED TO SELL THE II?

    I'm telling ya, he ain't selling.
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  10. First person to give me $4500 cash can have the title, keys, and all the spare parts I have.
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    I do understand the feeling though. Tbh, I've been throwing the idea around of selling mine lately. Right now I'm in a little financial mess because of that damned restaurant endeavor. I could use an extra few grand right now that's for sure! I do know, however, that I would kick myself in the ass if I did it. I've had my car since I was 18 (to make the math easy, that's almost 28 years...). It's gone through 2 divorces with a 3rd that looks imminent, lost jobs and unemployment, a career change and 2 cross country moves. It's the only constant in my life, so we'll see what happens - but I sure could use the cash!!
  12. I used to get sentimental about cars, but after parting out Papaw's old Chevrolet a fee years back and selling the 2010 GT, I haven't been attached to one since.
  13. Well, the financing with the bank is worked out, and the new daily beater is picked out. If all goes well tomorrow, I'll no longer have a 2014 F150 for a daily beater, I'll have a 2008 Toyota 4Runner with lower payments, the same gas mileage, only 30,000 more miles, 4WD instead of 2WD, and for the love of God almighty, a 4.7L V8 engine instead of that damned 6 cylinder I've been putting up with for 3 years.

    The Toyota needs a new left front hub assembly, and could use a ball joint and pair of sway bar end links, and needs a little cosmetic work (rear bumper cover is gonna need some time with a heat gun, some filler, and some paint), but she's loaded, tows more than the F150, is MUCH nicer to drive, and the price is out-freaking-standing.
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  14. 1205171836.jpg New beater/hauler. $8900 worth of V8 4WD Toyoder.
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  15. Doesn't look like a bad driver! Congrats!!
  16. Thanks. Doing new hub assembly this weekend (had it almost all the way back together and one of the four bolts decided to crossthread... can't find a 12x1.25 tap anywhere in this damned town, mine is locked up in my toolbox 50 miles away, so I'm heading down there (on one of my extended days off for ASE testing, no less) to pick it up. Discovered a previous wrencher didn't install the brake hardware on the left front correctly, so I'm replacing that (how on earth do you screw up two pins and a spring on a fixed caliper?), new timing belt kit (with water pump), RF ball joint, and spark plugs are here (next weekend's project), then it's a fresh set of Bridgestones away from being the new daily beater. I'll have less than $1500 and two weekends tied up in getting it ready, so that'll be a $10,500 beater that would've retailed for $20,000 at my dealership (I love our employee discount plan on wholesale cars!)

    They only kicked it to wholesale because it's been in a collision and had the RF innner apron repaired before. At any other dealership I've ever worked at, that would've been no big deal and the truck would've retailed, at the dealership I work for, prior structural repairs, no matter how insignificant, disqualify it from being a retail unit.
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